Ing. Ivan Rúrik


I use mainly Python programmic languague, although some analyses force me to use R :-)

My research interests include:

  • searching for diagnostic molecular characters
  • model adjustments of secondary r-RNA molecular structure
  • diversity indices



Obert T., Rurik I., Vďačný P. (2021) Diversity and eco-evolutionary associations of endosymbiotic astome ciliates with their lumbricid earthworm hosts. Frontiers in Microbiology 12: e689987.

Vďačný P., Érseková E., Šoltys K., Budiš J., Pecina L., Rurik I. (2018) Co-existence of multiple bacterivorous clevelandellid ciliate species in hindgut of wood-feeding cockroaches in light of their prokaryotic consortium. Scientific Reports 8: e17749.