Slovak language for doctoral students/ Slovenský jazyk pre doktorandov

Slovak language for doctoral student/ Slovenský jazyk pre doktorandov

Summer term 2023/2024

Two-semester course of Slovak for doctoral students - complete beginners (level: A1.1-A2.2)

You will learn the very basics of Slovak language necessary for standard everyday communication: basic vocabulary and grammar and real-life situations. 


  • Group A1.1 (SJ1): Tuesday (10.30-11.30) + Thursday (12.00-13.00) - New
  • Group A1.2 (SJ2): Monday + Wednesday (10.00-11.00)
  • Group A2.1 (SJ3): Monday + Wednesday (12.00-13.00)
  • Group A2.2 (SJ4): Tuesday (11.30-12.30) + Wednesday (11.00-12.00)


We also offer a special course for Slavic students (upon agreement). 

Venue: G 211A  

Name of the course: Slovak for Foreign Doctoral Students

Length of the course: 19th February – 17th May 2024, twice a week for 60 minutes


Summer term 2023/2024: Slovak language / Letný semester 2023/2024: Slovenský jazyk (pdf, 563kB)


For more information contact:

Lecturer: Mgr. Karin Rózsová Wolfová

Language Department, Faculty of Natural Sciences

Comenius University, Bratislava