Informácie pre doktorandov / Information for Doctoral Students


Slovak Language for Foreign Doctoral Students




2023-2024 Summer Semester

Dear PhD students,

An Excel spreadsheet with concrete time slots, lecture rooms and in-person or online options (only to external students) are attached to this notification.

The spreadsheet needs to be signed no later than 30th January 2024.

Be assured all of you will be catered for and have a spot to participate at a course.

With regards,

Aneta Barnes 

Sign-up Excel Spreadsheet_Summer Semester2024


Attention to all newly accepted PhD students from 1st February 2024

Based on the faculty’s accreditation, all the PhD students are required to pass the Professional English 1 as a compulsory course.

This course can only be taken in the winter semester of a certain academic year and not in the summer semester. 

PhD students may take Professional English 2 course in the summer semester. It is a voluntary follow up course to the Professional English 1 course.

For all newly accepted PhD students, it means postponing Professional English 1 course to the winter semester of the following academic year.

In case you want to stay in touch with English, you may take up Professional English 2 course starting next Monday, 19th  February 2024.

Please refer to the Excel sheet above and sign up no later than Wednesday 14th February 2024.


Aneta Barnes


2023-2024 Winter Semester

Professional English for PhD Students 1 


All PhD students who have obtained a C2 certificate, UNICERT certificate or have at least C1 efficiency in English need to contact the head of the Language Department RNDr. Tatiana Slováková, Ph.D. prior to signing for the course.

IELTS test results with a band score of at least 6.5 are also accepted.

After consideration, these students might be exempt from attending this course and from taking the final test conducted in January

Students are welcome to join this interactive course to further improve their English language skills and implement the newly gained competencies in their future scientific work.

This course is a compulsory course for all the doctoral students in the winter semester.

Credits allocation: Credits (5) will be awarded to students who demonstrate continual active participation during lessons and deliver all set tasks and assignments in timely manner. Each task must be completed at the minimum of 60%. 

The course’s outcome is for each PhD student to effectively use the English language for professional purposes thus sufficiently comprehend targeted written and audio texts and present their viewpoints in required forms.

The aim of the course is a detailed focus on the individual parts of a research paper, its correct structure, usage of scientific vocabulary in various fields of science, correct written delivery of research results (including figure legends, explanation of graphs and tables) as well as appropriate grammar structures used in scientific articles and research papers. Consequently, to help the participants improve their presentational skills in a simulated conference/symposium setting as well as the explicit teaching of techniques associated with the proper delivery of a good presentation.

All participants are required a B1 level in English in order to participate and pass this course.


The official start of this course is the week starting 18th September 2023.

Students can choose from five offered time slots. Number of students in one time slot is limited to twenty. Please note that online courses are preferable offered to external students.


Materials to be printed out and brought to the first lesson:

Academic vocabulary (112 kB)

Synonyms (42 kB)


Monday: 8:10–9:40 in room G 417 (the course commencement date: 18 September 2023);

Monday: 9:50–11:20 in room G 417 (the course commencement date: 18 September 2022);

Wednesday: 8:10–9:40 online (for external students) via MS Teams (the course commencement date: 20 September 2023)

Thursday: 9:30–11:00 in room G 417 (the course commencement date: 21 September 2023) 

Thursday: 11:30–13:00 in room G 417 (the course commencement date: 21 September 2023) 

Suggested textbook:

Armer, T.: Cambridge English for Scientists


2023-2024 Summer Semester

Professional English for PhD Students 2 


Dear PhD students,

Based on voluntary participation PhD students have the opportunity to attend the Professional English 2 course in summer semester 2023/24 to further improve their language skills.

We are delighted to offer any interested students the following time slots:

Monday: 8:10–9:40 in room G 417

Monday: 9:50–11:20 in room G 417

Wednesday: 8:10–9:40 online (for external students) via MS Teams

In case of your interest please sign up to the preferred time slot at the enclosed Excel sheet no later than the 30th January 2024.


Sign-up Excel Spreadsheet_Summer Semester


The course first session will take place during the first week of the summer semester in February 2024. Kind regards Aneta Barnes.

Contact person:  Mgr. Aneta Barnes


Voluntary Test for PhD students

day: 23rd January 2024

time: 10:00-11:30, 12:00-13:30

venue: G-203

TEST RESULTS 23/01/2024 

Dear PhD Students,

As you are aware, we have scheduled a voluntary test for 23rd January 2024. Due to the constraints within the AIS platform (the platform does not allow further examination sign-ups once your evaluation is recorded), we have come up with an alternative method to facilitate sign-ups for the voluntary test.

We have created an Excel Spreadsheet providing you with the opportunity to select your preferred time slot and thus ensure an even distribution of participants across two groups within the span of a day.

Please follow the provided link Voluntary Exam for the PhD Students 23 January 2024.xlsx to access the spreadsheet and indicate your availability.

Should you encounter any issues or have questions regarding the sign-up process, feel free to reach out to us.

Best regards,

Tatiana Slováková