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Dňa 8.4.2016 sa konala prednáška

Matúš Hyžný


"What to do with bits and pieces? Taxonomy of fossil decapod crustaceans as a detective story."



At least since the Mesozoic, decapods have been important components of marine ecosystems; yet understanding of their evolution is often limited by fragmentary nature of the fossil record. Searching for proxy characters present on the most durable parts of decapod crustacean exoskeletons is crucial for classification within the framework of neontological studies. Choosing calibration points for estimation of divergence times is, thus, often dependent on how carefully the proxy characters are evaluated.

Dňa 18.3. sa konala prednáška

Vojtecha Baláža

(Veterinární a farmaceutická univerzita, Brno):

" Význam chorôb obojživelníkov v prírode."






Dňa 9.2.2016 sa konala prednáška

Michała Dąbrowského


(Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Computational and Systems Biology, Uppsala University):


"Computational biology approaches in null allele detection"