2023/09 - Druhý francúzsko-slovenský workshop


Solar-active nanostructured materials for innovative remediation of water contaminated by pharmaceuticals


Kedy: piatok 22.09.2023 od 9 hod.
Kde: CPS+ miestnosť (B1-322)



In the frame of the SOLAREM project co-financed by APVV and Campus France (contract No. SK-FR-22-0002 and PHC No. 49871WH, respectively), invited talks will be given by prof. Marcello Brigante, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, Université Clermont Auvergne, France, about "Environmental photochemistry in water media at the Institute of Chemistry of Clermont-Ferrand", and by Ing. Guillaume Voyard, Head of the Chromatography Analytical Platform, Institut de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand, France, about "Interest and use of IC-MS at the Institute of Chemistry of Clermont-Ferrand". These invited talks will be followed by the oral communications of Dr. Shalu Atri, SASPRO2 postdoctoral fellow, and Sridhar Gowrisankaran and Arshitha Madhusudhan, PhD students, on the use of different composite materials including MXene, ferrites and hydrochar for the treatment of water. If you are interested from near or far in these thematics, in joining my group as BSc, MSc, or PhD student, or in learning more about the ongoing research between our two universities, you are very welcome!

Program [.pdf]


Olivier Monfort - Associate Professor
PI - MR2P lab, M² group
Department of Inorganic Chemistry
Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University Bratislava
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