Peter FEDOR_en

Research area

My primary research is focused on thrips (Thysanoptera), their taxonomy and ecology. The work is largely field-based and conducted in both pure and applied  fields of insect ecology and taxonomy. My current reseach includes:

- Applying artificial intelligence in taxonomy and identification of thrips. These issues demand multi-disciplinary approaches and cooperation with horticulture.

- Assessing functional and numerical responses of insect communities to ecological and disturbance processes in forest ecosystems. Understanding how climate impacts on the distribution and abundance of terrestrial insects. A particular focus is on developing artificial intelligence systems that enable predictions of distributions under current and future climate changes.

- Studying structure and dynamics of arboricolous insects, including bark dwelling and nest-dwelling thrips. These analyses demand applying specific methodical approaches (e.g. photoeclectors, Malaise traps).

Selected publications

- publications

Fedor, P., Doričová, M., Prokop, P., Mound, L., 2010: Heinrich Uzel, the father of Thysanoptera studies. Zootaxa, 2645: p. 55-63.

Derka, T., Fedor, P., 2010: Hydrolutos breweri sp. n., a new aquatic Lutosini species (Orthoptera: Anostostomatidae) from Churí-tepui (Chimantá Massif, Venezuela). Zootaxa, 2653: p. 51-59.

Varga, L., Fedor, P., Suvák, M., Kiseľák, J., Atakan, E., 2010: Larval and adult food preferences of the poinsettia thrips Echinothrips americanus Morgan, 1913 (Thysanoptera: Thripidae).  Journal of Pest Science, DOI 10.1007/s10340-010-0301-x

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  • Monitoring ecological change
  • Community ecology
  • Biodiversity