Career opportunities

Career for graduates of the study program Environmental Studies

Careers for graduates of the study program Environmental Studies

The Bachelor’s study programme "Environmental Studies" in English provides many benefits to its graduates. One of them is receiving a higher likelihood of success on the labour market in multinational groups and companies with foreign participation after graduation. Graduates will also gain opportunities in international institutions and employment opportunities abroad. The study raises the possibility of involvement in international mobility, that is, giving them the possibility to study at subsequent levels of higher education (master, doctorate) at leading foreign educational and scientific institutions. In addition, it allows for the continuing of studies at the graduate level at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in a wide range of study programmes at the departments of Geology, Geography, and Environmental Science.

Graduates familiar with the problems of natural sciences and who have excellent professional language skills needed to study in English have a significantly better position on the professional labour market across the European Union. Graduates who are able to deal with professional issues in English without difficulty are in demand on the labour market, especially in companies with foreign capital participation, state institutions and the public sector, which is heavily involved in international cooperation. All acquired knowledge can be applied in both state and local government institutions, consulting firms and non-governmental organisations dealing with issues of environmental protection. Graduates shall thus become experts on land management, whose knowledge is in high demand of the labour market.

These experts will be very well useful, for example, in scientific and industrial parks, as well as in European structures, etc. Their obtained knowledge and skills can be positively used by future employers of environmental education, scientific institutions, the government, as well as by both the public and private sectors, not only in Slovakia, but also abroad.