Faculty of Natural
Comenius University Bratislava


There is a number of fascinating and unanswered questions. They involve the evolution like (i) how did life begin? (ii) How a new biological species emerge? Other involves the cell (i) how it is possible, that everything works so amazingly? (ii) Why it sometimes goes wrong? (iii) How do communicate cellular compartments possessing their own genetic information (mitochondria and nucleus)? (iv) Why some organisms do tolerate the elimination of DNA from mitochondria and others do not? These problems we study mainly by means of yeasts and DNA analysis. At the end our intentions is to implement obtained theoretical data in practice with the aim to improve the identification of species (DNA barcode, unambiguous identification of pathogens, food adulteration) and to ameliorate the treatment of diseases (gastroenterological problems, migraine) or to construct the yeasts suitable for biotechnology (non-alcoholic beer, drug production).