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Information for BSc. and MSc. students

- the faculty offers a study programme for BSc. students in the English language: Environmental Studies


Bachelor and Master Studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Comenius University in Bratislava

- Study at Comenius University in Bratislava

- State final exams - committees, deadlines (only in Slovak)

- International Relations (ERASMUS+, study structure, incoming students, ... )

- Practical Information (about VISA, accomodation, health insurance, etc.)

- manuals for AIS

Slovak language course for foreign bachelor's students - beginners

Slovak language course for foreign doctoral students - beginners


10.02.2023 from 9:30 AM till 2:00 PM in AMOS - Doors Open Days at Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University Bratislava .... virtual room (mozilla) of Department

FRANCOPHONIE - For French language speakers

- AUF (L’Agence universitaire de la Francophonie en Europe centrale et orientale) - study in French in Central and Eastern Europe 


On Easter, Rector of the University grants to students day off on Thursday 06.04.2023 and Dean of the Faculty grants day off on Tuesday 11.04.2023.


On the occasion of Student scientific conference at our Faculty Dean grants day off for students on Wednesday 26.04.2023 (program - only in Slovak, only online version due reconstruction of the building). The day off is only for students attending the conference (active). 




- virtual/online conferences

Requirements for Bachelor's thesis preparation

- State final exams - committees, deadlines (only in Slovak)

- some text is only in Slovak language

Instructions for academic works at Faculty of Natural Sciences CU (only in Slovak language)

Academic works are prove in compliance with Internal Regulation No. 32/2023 - Comenius University - Directive by the Rector of Comenius University in Bratislava (only in Slovak language - Vnútorný predpis č. 32/2023) (excerpts in English).

- Internal Regulation No. 32/2023 - Comenius University Bratislava - Directive by the Rector (only in Slovak Language - Vnútorný predpis č. 32/2023) - previous version IR 7/2018 (full EN version) is not actual from 3rd October, 2023

- CU formulates rules for using artificial inteligence (AI) in educationDirective of the Rector of the CU Bratislava Internal regulation 2/2024 [only in Slovak]; Recomended ways to cite or use generative artificial intelligence (AI) [only in Slovak]

- access to THESES (in the column on the right side "PRÍSTUP DO THESES - ZÍSKANIE PROTOKOLU") - finished with academic year 2022/2023

- Higher Education Act No. 131/2002 Coll. (only in Slovak language - Zákon o vysokých školách č. 131/2002 Z.z.) 

- template of Cover and Title Sheet - (doc attachment to IR 32/2023 - in Slovak)


!!!! The title of the Bachelor Thesis (cover, title sheet) must be IDENTICAL to the title in Thesis Assignment (Zadanie záverečnej práce) (including punctuation and spacing)!!!!! There must be no dot after the thesis title.


The Bachelor's Theses have to be uploaded to the AIS no later than Monday, May 20, 2024.

* * *

The Theses is only submitted in electronic form to AIS from the year 2024. No printed version is required to be submitted for the Faculty archives. The License Agreement is not necessary to print, only electronical version in AIS is needed. 

* * *

LICENSE AGREEMENT: when submitting your Final Thesis to AIS, you fill in the box on the time of publication and making your work available to the public, preferring the "no grace period" option. Otherwise (e.g. the results fall under the patent, etc.) in the License Agreement there is a footnote: "integer from 1 to 12, with the consent of the rector, or dean to 24", where you need the consent of the mentioned persons when writing a non-zero number which you need to obtain in advance.