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Student Science Conference

LAM PhD students, Mgr. Ivana Božeková and Mgr. Filip Zechel, presented their latest research results on preparation and applications of metal and semiconductor nanocrystals at the 23rd Slovak Student Scientific Conference, which took place on November 24, 2021, at the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology STU in Bratislava under the title "Chemistry and Technologies for Life".

Mid-term Theses defended

LAM PhD student M.Sc. Namrata Jaykhedkar successfully completed and defended her mid-therm theses today. Congratulations and best of luck in the second half of your PhD studies!

Photocatalysis and photocatalytic reactions

Dear colleagues,

Laboratory for Advanced Materials (LAM) invites you to a lecture as part of the "LAM seminar series" aimed at informing the scientific community, students as well as the public about significant advances in materials science, as well as at the interface of materials science, chemistry, physics and biology.

Prof. Ing. Kamila Kočí, PhD.
Laboratory of heterogeneous photocatalysis, Institute of Environmental Technology, CEET, VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Photocatalysis and photocatalytic reactions

Friday, 27 August at 11:00
in the large lecture room of the Comenius University Science Park (room 187).

You can find an abstract and a short biography of the lecturer in the attached invitation [.pdf]

We are looking forward to seeing you.

For organizers,

Milan Sykora, MBA., PhD.
ERA Chair, Director, Laboratory for Advanced Materials
Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University
842 15 Bratislava, Slovakia

VEGA 2021 awarded

The research proposal for studies of properties and applications of 2D nanomaterials was approved for funding by the Scientific Grant Agency of Slovak Ministry of Education (VEGA). Congratulations!

Student Science Conference

LAM students Mgr. Ivana Božeková, MSc. Mini Rajendran Gokul Raj and Mgr. Filip Zechel participated in student science conference organized by the Faculty of Natural Sciences on April 19-23, 2021. At the conference the students presented results of their research results on metal nanocrystals, graphene quantum dots and semiconductor nanocrystals, respectively.

Mid-term Theses defended

LAM PhD students MSc. Mini Rajendran Gokul Raj and Mgr. Filip Zechel succesfully completed and defended their mid-therm theses today. Congratulations and best of luck in the second half of your PhD studies!

Student Grants Awarded

Research proposals developed by LAM PhD students Mgr. Ivana Božeková, MSc. Namrata Jaykhedkar, MSc. Mini Rajendran Gokul Raj and Mgr. Filip Zechel for the Comenius University Student Grant competition were all funded. Congratulations to all and good luck with your projects!

NextStepScience conference

LAM Director Dr. Sykora and LAM research administrator, Mgr. Žárska particpated at the online Conference organized by NextStepScience (https://nextstepscience.org/), which took place via Zoom on 17. March 2021. The conference focused on professional networking between people looking for carrer oportunities in natural sciences and local companies, start-ups, enterpreneurs, initiatives and inspiring individuals from science and technology. LAM was one of the thirteen invited organizations. At the conference Dr. Sykora presented to the attendess information about the goals, scientific focus and career opportunities at LAM and answered number of questions to  interested particpants.

Open Day 2021

The Open day event – a unique opportunity for the Faculty of Natural Sciences to present its research and educational programmes – was held online this year, with more than 220 active participants and several members of LAM team. The Laboratory for Advanced Materials and its research activities was presented by the LAM director, Dr. Milan Sýkora. Thank you to all participants & we are looking forward to welcome you next year!


NextStep Science Career Talk

On Jan 18, 2021 the director of LAM – Dr. Milan Sýkora gave a Career talk during the NextStep Science online event. The participants could learn about his research work in the Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA and in Laboratory for Advanced Materials in Slovakia. Networking activities were an interesting part of the event, facilitating new contacts and collaboration opportunities.

CHeMoUK & A day in the life of a scientist 2020

Researchers from the Laboratory for Advanced Materials participated in the CHeMoUK summer school for high school students at the Faculty of Natural Sciences during Aug 27 – 31, 2020.

LAM designed and sponsored a laboratory excercise for the CHeMoUK summer school, where the students could fabricate and test a functional solar cell. The program of the summer school also included a „Day in the life of a scientist”, providing students with an opportunity to experience research work in the actual scientific laboratory. Dr. Lukáš Petra and Mgr. Ivana Božeková of LAM guided students in preparation and characterization of metal nanoparticles. At the end of the CHeMoUK summer school, students presented their work to their student colleagues during a miniconference.

APVV 2019

The research proposal for studies of properties and applications of Ternary Chalcogenides was selected for funding by the Slovak Research and Development Agency (APVV) just last week. Congratulations!


As a safety precaution related to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19 disease) we are canceling the LAM 2D MATERIALS WORKSHOP on the March 27, 2020. We will announce a new date for the workshop at a later date.

Save the date: LAM organizes the 2D WORKSHOP / 27 MAR 2020


The workshop will focus on important current trends and activities in the area of preparation, characterization and application of 2D materials in general as well as on current capabilities in the field of 2D materials in Slovakia. It will also serve as a networking opportunity, aiming to facilitate possible scientific collaborations.


When:  March 27 2020

Where: Comenius University Science Park (link: https://cusp.uniba.sk/en/), Ilkovicova 8, Bratislava

Registration: There are no registration fees. We kindly ask the participants to register via the following link - REGISTRATION no later than March 13 2020.

Programme: The workshop programme will be organized into two morning sessions and one afternoon session. Two coffee breaks are included, lunch will not be provided. Further details will be published in the following weeks.


Confirmed speakers:


Prof. Jaroslav Fabián (University of Regensburg, Germany)

Current trends in physics of 2D materials


Prof. Vladimír Bužek (Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences)

Quantum Flagship and national platform QUTE-SK


Prof. Ivan Stich/Dr. Ján Brndiar (Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences)

DFT and Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of 2D materials


Prof. Roman Martoňák (Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Comenius University, Slovakia)

Quantum and classical ripples in graphene


Dr. Martin Gmitra (Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, Slovakia)


Dr. Denis Kochan (University of Regensburg, Germany)

Spin relaxation and superconductivity in 2D materials


Dr. Martin Hulman (Institute of Electrical Engineering, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia)

Raman Spectroscopy of 2D Materials


Dr. Milan Sýkora (LAM, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University, Slovakia)

2D Nanomaterials Prepared by Bottom-up Methods


Prof. Viera Skákalová (Danubia Nanotech, Slovakia)

Conductance fluctuations in graphene and quantum Hall states


Open Day 2020

Each year, the Faculty of Natural Sciences opens its doors to the general public to showcase the opportunities and information about research and study programmes.

Aiming to kindle interest in materials science and nanomaterials research among the visitors, Mgr. Filip Zechel presented various areas that LAM scientists focus on. Thank you for visiting!

LAM presentation at Slovak University of Technology in Trnava

Director of LAM, ERA Chair, Dr. M. Sýkora presented the overview of the LAM research program at Advanced Technologies Research Institute, at Slovak Technical University in Trnava, Slovakia.

CHeMoUK / LAM – lab exercise

Students participating in the CHeMoUK summer school tried out some interesting experiments this week. In the LAM designed and sponsored lab exercise participants prepared and tested their own solar cells using some commonly available materials, such as pigments extracted from blackberries.

LAM takes part in the Summer school for high school students – CHeMoUK

Laboratory for Advanced Materials is now a partner of the Summer school – CHeMoUK. During the first week of July students will have an opportunity to learn more about research in the field of novel materials during a lecture and a discussion led by the head of the LAM, Dr. Milan Sýkora. The participants will also take part in an interesting practical lab exercise, sponsored by LAM. More details about the CHeMoUK program and this year’s summer school can be found here:



LAMatCU project at "Natural Sciences Teahouse"

Prof. J. Noga and the newly appointed Director of LAM, ERA Chair, Dr. M. Sýkora presented the overview of the ERA Chair project and the plans for the LAM at the “Natural Sciences Tea House” seminar dedicated to H2020 projects at the University of Pavel Jozef Safarik in Kosice, Slovakia.

Workshop on tools and developments for Widening NCP

Prof. J. Noga presented the LAMatCU project during the Workshop on tools and developments for Widening NCP at the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Open Day 2019

Members of the LAM presented overview of LAM research at the Open Day at the Faculty of Natural Sciences on 22 Jan 2019 and for this occasion, a propagation flyer was prepared and distributed. The same flyer was also distributed among students from several high schools.

Popularization portal "Science at hand" informs about LAM

Popularization portal Science at hand published an article about the newly established Laboratory for Advanced Materials at Comenius University.

The president of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science visited Bratislava

The Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University received a visit from the president of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science (IAQMS), Prof. Odile Eisenstein. The main goal of IAQMS is to provide a forum for international contact and collaboration and a periodical evaluation of the main developments, advances and promising directions of research in the broad field of its interest - the application of quantum mechanics to the study of molecules and macromolecules. It was established in Menton, France in 1967 and among it’s members there are 14 laureates of the Nobel prize.

On December 14th Prof. Eisenstein gave a lecture about her research involving chemical shifts in NMR spectra of organometallic compounds. NMR is without any doubt one of the most versatile methods for characterization of chemical species. It is used widely in all domains of chemistry and biology. Prof. Eisenstein showed, that by combining the information derived from solid state NMR with simple molecular orbitals analysis it is possible to understand specific reactions associated with transition metal complexes.

Prof. Odile Eisenstein currently performs her research at the Institut Charles Gerhardt, University Montpellier and at the Hylleraas centre for Quantum Molecular Science, University of Oslo. In her scientific work she focuses on theoretical chemistry, reaction mechanisms, organometallic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis.

The university periodic My University informed about the visit in the January 2019 issue.

RNDr. Milan Sykora, PhD. will be appointed as a head of the Laboratory for Advanced Materials

Laboratory for advanced materials (LAM), established 1.10.2018 as a part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences will be lead by RNDr. Milan Sykora, PhD., as of 1.2.2019. The head of LAM (the ERA-chair position within the LAMatCU-H2020-WIDESPREAD-03-2017-ERAchairs project) was chosen in an international selection process from several other candidates.

RNDr. Milan Sykora, PhD. is an internationally recognized expert in the area of material chemistry. The results of his research were published in prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journals, for example Nature, J. Am. Chem. Soc. and ACS Nano and are highly cited. He has also contributed to the development of eight patent applications, all in the area of materials science. His research includes number of important advances/breakthroughs in the field of materials science.

RNDr. Milan Sykora, PhD. obtained his master’s degree in chemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava. He received his PhD. in chemistry from Marquette University, Milwaukee in USA and later moved to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he performed a postdoctoral research. Prior to his return to Slovak republic he held a position as a permanent technical staff member at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), New Mexico, USA. As the head of LAM, he will establish a research program in the field of advanced materials. Particular focus will be on materials for applications in energy conversion and storage, optoelectronics, electronics and related applications.

The information was published in the Our University periodic.

LAMatCU project presented in Prague

Dr. Z. Lisoňová presented the LAMatCU project at the ERA Chair Call Seminar at The Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic.

Laboratory for Advanced Materials to be established at Comenius University

Comenius University periodic Our University brings information about the LAMatCu project in the June/2018 issue. The popular magazine SME also mentions the LAMatCU project, the fourth H2020 project to be coordinated by the Comenius University. The LAMatCU project is also noticed by the portal Bratislava Day.