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Travelling to Bratislava:

By plane

Bratislava Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport

It is possible to take a flight directly to Bratislava airport from a few European airports. The airport is located in the eastern part of Bratislava. You can take bus No. 61 (http://imhd.zoznam.sk/ba/schedule-timetable/linka/61/smer/Hlavna-stanica/zastavka/Letisko/943718593554.html) from the Airport directly to the city centre and the Main railway station (Hlavná stanica).

Vienna International Airport / Wien Schwechat

The Vienna International Airport is located just 40 km from Bratislava. Most European airlines have direct connections to Vienna Airport. The connection between Bratislava and Vienna Airport is provided by two bus companies regularly (approx. every hour):

Blaguss (http://www.blaguss.sk/pages/en/home.php?lang=EN)

and Eurolines (http://www.eurolines.com/en/)

By train:

Bratislava has a direct train connection with other capital cities in Europe such as Prague, Wien, Budapest, Berlin, Wroclaw, Belgrade, Kiev and Moscow. All the trains depart from the Main railway station but there is also a possibility to take a train to Vienna from Petržalka railway station. 

For more information see: http://www.slovakrail.sk/en.html

By bus

If you are planning to travel to Bratislava by coach, contact  Eurolines (http://www.eurolines.com/en/) or Student Agency (http://www.studentagency.eu/) companies.

By car

Bratislava is on the crossroads of European roads E75, E58 and D1.

With the exceptions of a few sections in Bratislava a vignette is required to use the motorway. It is possible to buy the vignette at a petrol station. The cheapest one costs €10 per 10 days.


Transport in Bratislava:

City transport:

The public transport is provided by trams, buses, trolleybuses and trains. The timetables, maps and all other information is available at the following web page:


Single tickets:

a) paper tickets:

A single ticket costs €0.70. It's valid for 15 minutes and doesn't allow change - you need to validate a new ticket every time you change bus/tram.

There is also a ticket available for €0.90, valid for 60 minutes on weekdays and 90 minutes on weekends and holidays, which you can use for any number of travels within the specified time period.

If you are staying for a holiday, consider buying one from a choice of longer term tickets valid for 1, 2, 3 and 7 days for €4.50, €8.30, €10 and €15 respectively.

The ticket can be bought in a newspaper stand or vending machine located at the most stops in the city (only cash is accepted). The tickets are not available in trams, buses or trolleybuses. Immediately after boarding you must validate your ticket in the validation machines on the bus/tram.

b) electronic tickets:

SMS tickets are also available. The 70 minute ticket which costs €1.00 can also be obtained by sending an empty SMS at 1100 from a cell phone with Slovak SIM card (Slovak Telekom, Orange SK and O2 SK). Just after receiving the notification SMS with the code and time period of validity of the ticket you can get in to a vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to send the SMS at least 2 minutes before the vehicle comes.

It is also possible to buy a 24 hour ticket by sending an empty SMS at 1124. The price of the ticket is €4.50.

Pre-paid tickets:

With prepaid ticket you can travel without limit in all zones for which the prepaid ticket is valid. Prepaid tickets are used within Integrated transport system in Bratislava region.Therefore, you can also use regional buses (Slovak Lines operator) or trains (Os and REX category) in particular zones. Within Bratislava city you need basic prepaid ticket for 100+101 zones. You will need personal contactless chip card issued by transport operator in order to buy prepaid ticket. Prepaid tickets are valid also for night lines in Bratislava without additional fee.

30 days90 days365 days
Regular fare26,90 € 71,90 €263,90 €
Reduced fare13,40 € 35,90 € 131,90 €