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Food and Eating

Družba Student Hostel

Student hostel Ľ. Štúra – Mlyny


Traditional Slovakian food

If you want to try something truly Slovakian, ask for "Bryndzove halusky" (sheep cheese dumplings), but not many foreigners like the special taste of the cheese. Try also "Horalky" (traditional Slovakian sweet wafer), or "Kofola" (traditional sweet drink, something like Coca Cola).

Don´t miss Bratislava Christmas market where you can try the traditional Slovak winter specialities. "Cigánska pečienka" is a slice of chicken or pork meat in bread, or a delicious roasted sausage with mustard. A very traditional bread with lard, salt and onion is also offered along with a plethora of savoury pancakes „loksha“ and duck meat. Taste also traditional Bratislava rolls (sweet flaky butter pastry) with walnut or poppy seed filling. For drink, try hot wine, grog or a delicious punch.