Faculty of Natural
Comenius University in Bratislava

Vol. 18 (2010) No. 2

Acta Environmentalica Universitatis Comenianae (Bratislava):

Vol. 18 (2010) č. 2


BOHUŠ, M., FARGAŠOVÁ, A.: The structure and size of home ranges of the European Roller (Coracias garrulus L., 1758) of the last known relict population in Slovakia ... 5

FALŤAN, V.: Research of the biotopes and its use in Environmental Impact Assessment Reports ... 17 

FARGAŠOVÁ, A., BOHUŠ, M.: Impact of Cu complexes on freshwater ecosystems components ... 27

MATEČNÝ, I.: Monitoring system of biota as a part of evaluation of environmental impact of Gabčíkovo Waterwork ... 34

BALÁŽI, P., TÓTHOVÁ, L.: Using of IBMR (Macrophyte Biological Index for Rivers) for the assessment of ecological status of surface water bodies in the river category of the Slovak Republic based on aquatic macrophytes ... 47

BALÁŽI, P., MIŠÍKOVÁ, K., TÓTHOVÁ, L.: The Bryophyte and Liverwort Flora as a part of the aquatic macrophytes community in the selected monitored localities of running waters in Slovakia ... 63

KARELOVÁ, E., HARICHOVÁ, J., FERIANC, P.: Structure and diversity of cultivable portion of bacterial community in heavy-metal-contaminated soil ... 79

LIGA, J.: Analýza a modelovanie zmien krajiny pomocou programu Dinamica EGO 1.4 vo vybraných oblastiach Slovenska ... 92

MIČIETA, K.: Palynological analysis in the environmental quality assessment ... 104

PODOLÁK, P.: Cultural landscape in region under the slopes of the Male Karpaty Mts. in the context of settlement-population changes ... 112

MIKLOŠOVIČOVÁ, A.: Evaluation of landscape quality objective in countryside (model area: village Štrba) ... 121

PAUDITŠOVÁ, E.: The specifications of landscape devices nad measures in the field of land consolidation (methodical approach) ... 130



Kolektív ASFEU: Centrá excelentnosti [in Slovak] ... 147