Faculty of Natural
Comenius University Bratislava

Educational Science

Didactics of Chemistry

prof. Miroslav Prokša, miroslav.proksa@uniba.sk

Didactics of Biology

prof. RNDr. Oto Majzlan, PhD., majzlanfedu.uniba.sk

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This special programs are provided by the Department of Didactics in Science, Psychology and Pedagogy. They are focused on the  field of chemistry education at primary and secondary schools. Study includes specifically solving curricular problems in chemistry and biology teaching, implementation of digital technologies into chemistry and biology teaching process, innovation of educational methods and tools and verification of their affectivity in the teaching process. During the four-year period, students must complete a body of an original research, write and defend the thesis. They will be prepared for independent scientific, pedagogical and advisory work in the inscribed field.