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How to select and apply for a research project?

Primarily, you should look for a project which you are interested in, because you will be expected to work on your own to a large extent, under the guidance of a supervisor.

These days, most departments offer some degree of support for PhD. scholars. In addition to your supervisor, the department should provide one or more advisors. Many departments run seminar programmes covering research methodologies, thesis writing and other relevant subjects.

Most of the information you need about support and training for your PhD study is on this web site. If you need additional help or information, contact Mgr. Iveta Bencová, iveta.bencovauniba.sk

The list of PhD. programs offered:

Educational Science


Earth Sciences : Geology

Earth Sciences : Geography


Ecological and Environmental Sciences


Most PhD. studentships begin in September, but the deadline for applications is May 31. You should begin collecting information on recruitment as soon as possible. Although new scholarships are advertised throughout the whole year, competition for positions increases the closer you get to May 31. When you apply, it is important to either get in touch with a potential supervisor, or at least check that our research interests offerred here correspond with your interests.

Your application should include all the usual information on your qualifications. The education degree must be officially declared and verified. Through apostilation, foreign degrees are declared to be equivalent to a Slovak university degree.

For more information, please contact our PhD. Programme Administrator

Mgr. Iveta Bencová