Faculty of Natural
Comenius University Bratislava

2nd round of BSc. admission procedure

Basic information about the 2nd round

Dear applicants, we would like to inform you that the additional deadline for submitting an application for a bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University has been set

 from 15.4. until 20.6.2024

For selected BSc. study programs, applicants will be admitted in the 2nd round WITHOUT ENTRANCE EXAMS, if the number of applicants does not exceed the capacity of the study program. The basic condition for admission is the successful completion of secondary school with a high school diploma.

Important: We warn all applicants from abroad, especially from non-EU countries, with the risks associated with submitting an application for the second round of admission process. We would like to point out that foreign applicants must have for starting their studies with us:

1) nostrification of high school final diploma by Slovak Ministry of Education
2) valid visa

Please note that processing of these matters can take several months. The applicants are obliged to register for the 1st year of study in person during first half of September (according to the dates in the schedule specific for each study program) and start the study with us on September 23, 2024. If they do not meet this condition, their admission to study will be cancelled.

Study programs

List of selected bachelor study programs for which you can additionally apply in the 2nd round of the admission procedure:

Biological Chemistry (EN)
Environmental Studies (EN)
biológia (SK)
systematická biológia (SK)
environmentalistika (SK)
ekonomická a politická geografia a demografia (SK)
geografia, kartografia a geoinformatika (SK)
geografia, rozvoj regiónov a európska integrácia (SK)
geológia (SK)
paleontológia (SK)
chémia (SK)
chémia (konverzný program) (SK)
učiteľstvo predmetov biológia a chémia (SK)
učiteľstvo predmetov biológia a geografia (SK)
učiteľstvo predmetov biológia a matematika (SK)
učiteľstvo predmetov biológia a slovenský jazyk (SK)
učiteľstvo predmetov geografia a matematika (SK)
učiteľstvo predmetov geografia a história (SK)
učiteľstvo predmetov geografia a slovenský jazyk (SK)
učiteľstvo predmetov chémia a matematika (SK)
učiteľstvo predmetov chémia a slovenský jazyk (SK)

Notice! The additional deadline for applications does not include these study programs:
medicínska biológia, biochémia a biochémia (konverzný program).

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