Faculty of Natural
Comenius University Bratislava

Project "Geoeducation"


Geoscience education support through educational trails

Financial Support

"KEGA", Bratislava 

Registration number

KEGA No. 065UK-4/2021

Principal investigator 

RNDr. Ivan Ružek, PhD.  contact

Period to solve

2021 – 2023



Key words

Geosciences; multimedia; field excursions; teaching in the field; educational trails.


The expanding network of increasingly high-quality educational trails in Slovakia seems to besuitable way of popularization of geoscientific knowledge directly in the field.  Currently in Slovakia more than 600 educational sites, routes and paths have been built while their number is still changing (growing). Web page Naucnechodniky.eu presents a unique database of educational trails in Slovakia with the potential to support the use of field teaching and also the popularization of geosciences. For effective teaching, it is necessary for teachers to capture the latest information and trends in their own field. By implementing regular professional seminars for teachers, teachers gain the latest information geosciences and professional didactics. By completing geoscientific field excursions and field workshops they will expand their practical competencies. Field teaching is a suitable tool for arousing the interest of pupils and students in the scientific subjects that are not currently preferred.


The project objective is to expand the knowledge of science teachers at primary and secondary schools  by  current  trends  in  geosciences  and  modern  teaching  trough  the  implementation  of professional seminars in the form of lectures.

Teachers will acquire practical skills and competencies during the planned field geoscience-oriented excursions, which will be focused on educational trails in Slovakia and in the region of Central Europe.

During field trips and workshops they will use modern technologies and verify the suitability of the didactic materials we have created.

An important goal of the project is to supplement the existing database of educational trails in Slovakia  and  to  complete  a  set  of  didactic  materials  with  a  geoscientific  focus,  which  will  enable active use of educational trails not only by teachers and their students, but also by the general public.

Web page "Náučné chodníky na Slovensku" [Educational Trails in Slovakia]

One of the project goals is further updating of the web page on educational trails in Slovakia devoted to teachers and general public which was created within our former project

The trails database is continuously growing