Faculty of Natural
Comenius University Bratislava

Laboratory of heterocycles

Our research is focused on design, synthesis and study of heterocyclic compounds (namely benzothiazole derivatives) with nonlinear optical properties. The attraction of such type of compounds lies in their possible application in various fields of optoelectronics: modulation of laser light frequency, organic semiconductors, OLED-diodes, photodynamic anticancer therapy, etc.
The original methods of synthesis of new benzothiazole derivatives with dipolar, quadrupolar and octupolar symmetry have been developed. The prepared compounds showed an enhanced nonlinear optical response and high value of two photon absorption cross-section. The effective molecular structure is predicted on the base of quantum-chemical calculations. The special laser measurements of optoelectronic properties are realised in the collaboration with International Laser Center in Bratislava, University in Leuwen (Belgium) and University in Patras (Greece).


Teachers and researchers
Prof. RNDr. Pavol Zahradník, DrSc. - Professor Emeritus
Doc. RNDr. Peter Magdolen, PhD.
PharmDr. Ivica Sigmundová, PhD.
Mgr. Andrea Martinická, PhD. (neé Fülöpová)

PhD. students

MSc. students

Bc. students
Dominika Žárska

Former members and collaborators
Mgr. Mária Michálková Nečedová, PhD.
Mgr. Alexandra Čibová, PhD.
Ing. Kristína Plevová, PhD.
RNDr. Dušan Loos, CSc.
Mgr. Veronika Hrobáriková, PhD.
Mgr. Peter Hrobárik, PhD.
Mgr. Marek Cigáň, PhD.
Mgr. Branislav Horváth, PhD.
RNDr. Peter Gajdoš, PhD.


Publications from 2000


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