Faculty of Natural
Comenius University in Bratislava

History of the department

Head of the Department of Nuclear Chemistry

1966 - 1970            doc. Ing. Peter Drienovský, CSc.
1970 - 1980            prof. RNDr. Fedor Macášek, DrSC.
1980 - 1990            doc. Rudolf Kopunec, CSc.
1990 - 1997            prof. RNDr. Pavol Rajec, DrSC.
1997 - present       prof. RNDr. Ľubomír Mátel, CSc.

The Department of Nuclear Chemistry of the Faculty of Science of the Comenius University was established on September 1, 1966, by allocation of the Department of Radiochemistry from the Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Radioachemistry. This department since its establishment in 1958 was organized by the then head of the department prof. M. Dillinger. The first teaching assistants  accepted to the Department of Radiochemistry at the beginning of 1961 were graduates of a specialized radio-chemistry study at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Moscow State University, F. Macašek and V. Mikulaj, and at the beginning of 1963 graduate from the Faculty of Chemistry of the Leningrad State University, R. Kopunec. As an external lecturer, a researcher at the Slovak Academy of Sciences Ing. Dr. Drienovsky, CSc., Aspirant of the Moscow State University specializing in radiation chemistry has been working in the department since 1962, who in 1964 became an internal teacher of the department and in the same year he was appointed as a lecturer in the field of nuclear chemistry. Favorable cadre occupation significantly contributed to the fact that, that since the school year 1961/62, intensive pedagogical and scientific work has begun, and continued the purposeful construction of a new department of science at a faculty whose important milestone was the inclusion of a separate Department of Nuclear Chemistry. In the school year 1962/1963, a curriculum for the education of specialists in the field of radiochemistry (nuclear chemistry) has begun and the first diploma thesis was defended using radiochemical methods. In 1963, the first of its own scripts Intro to Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry was published. In January 1970, the first 3 Candidate Doctoral theses were successfully defended in the field of nuclear chemistry, which made significant progress in the qualification structure of the Department's teachers. The department was assigned two additional technicians positions, accepted was a graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of STU Ing. A. Švec (1966), one of the first graduates of the department R. Čech (1968), graduates of P. Rajec (1972) and Ľ. Mátel (1974). Then the staffing of the department was stabilized for a long time. The qualificative growth of the department's staff continued until 1980 with the defense of two candidate dissertations (R. Čech, A. Švec) and 3 appointments for associate professors (F. Macášek, V. Mikulaj, R. Kopunec). The head of the department was doc. Ing. Peter Drienovský, CSc. (in 1974 he retired to disability pension), from 1970 to 1981 the head of the department was doc. Mgr. Fedor Macášek, CSc.

In 1980, the teachers of the department defended two other doctoral dissertations (P. Rajec in 1981 and L. Mátel in 1983) and one doctoral dissertation work (F. Macášek in 1983); R. Čechwas appointed as a associate professor (in 1988) and F. Macášek as a professor  (in 1984). In 1985, the team of the department expanded by 1 teacher (J. Macková) and 1 researcher (S. Čechová) from the graduate ranks. In 1986, a former graduate and internal assistant of the Kharkov State University, RNDr. A. Paulenová, CSc. Since 1988 RNDr. V. Švec has worked as an assistant professor at. As F. Macášek served as vice-dean (1981-1983) and Dean (1983-1986) of the Comenius University, as the head of the department doc. Mgr. Rudolf Kopunec, CSc. was appointed.