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Excellence Scholarship for Students of Theoretical and Computer Chemistry and Chemical Physics

At Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Natural Sciences, we have founded Excellence Scholarship for the Study Programmes of Theoretical and Computer Chemistry and Chemical Physics. The Scholarship is disbursed throughout the academic year, in which it is awarded, and is intended for:

  1. Excellent students of the 3rd year of Bachelor’s Degree Study Programmes in Chemistry (including Programmes in Teaching), during the Summer Term;
  2. Excellent students of the 1st and the 2nd year of the Master’s Degree Study Programme Theoretical and Computer Chemistry;
  3. Students of PhD. Degree Study Programmes Theoretical and Computer Chemistry or Chemical Physics, who attain excellent results in academic record, scientific work and publication activities.
Terms of Awarding the Scholarship

The Scholarship is awarded in standard length of studies and always for one academic year. Eligible Applicants are outlined above. The Application Form (in Slovak language) is available through this link. Together with the Applicant’s CV and filled Application Form, the Application must also include a report of grades and credits from the Study Office and a report of publication activities.

The deadline for applications is June 30. The results are announced by September 5, at the latest. Whether the scholarship is awarded, and in what volume, is affected by multiple factors, for example: successful participation in the Olympiads in Chemistry, Physics, or Mathematics during high school, participation at student science conferences, publication activity and excellent academic results during Bachelor’s and/or Master’s Degree studies.

Besides regularly disbursed scholarships, exceptional disbursements may be awarded. Exceptional disbursement may be awarded for excellent achievement in academic record and/or a student science conference. An example of excellent achievement is a co-authorship of publication of category ADC (publication in international current journal) or significant contribution to a grant project of the Department. Proposal of awarding an exceptional scholarship is filed according to the Scholarship Regulations of the Faculty, by the Head of the Department, based on a recommendation from the Thesis Supervisor and based on the Application Form (may be downloaded, in Slovak language, from here).

For further information, please, contact: Prof. Ivan Černušák (CH1-340).