Faculty of Natural
Comenius University Bratislava


The admission procedure for doctoral candidates begins by thoroughly completing and submitting an electronic application (https://e-prihlaska.uniba.sk/) via the academic information system AIS with detailed instructions at



In the application, the applicant must provide:

- basic, statutory information,

- the selected study programme and selected dissertation topic,

Doctoral candidates have the right to submit an application on more topics of dissertations (also in one study program), and shall also pay a fee for each one in accordance with admission procedures of current directives of the Rector of Comenius University.

The application for PhD studies shall be accompanied by:

- a resume

- conceptual framework of the  thesis (1-5 pages) confirming the theoretical background, motivation and expertise of the candidate in the field of study (a theoretical examination of the applicant's current state of knowledge)

- a list of his/her publications as well as a list of results of other professional activities.

- a copy of proof of payment of the application fee

Electronic registration will be made available from March 1st, 2024 to  May 31st, 2024. For electronic applications, the candidate shall send a printed and signed document along with the required attachments, which must be to be delivered by post to the faculty by 31.5.2024.

Faculty address:

Prirodovedecka fakulta UK (Faculty of Natural Sciences CU)

Department for Science, Research and Doctoral Studies

Ilkovicova 6

842 15  Bratislava