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Information for Authors

The Scientific Journal Acta Environmentalica Universitatis Comenianae (Bratislava), which is issued twice a year, publishes original scientific works within the area of both basic and applied scientific research in the field of environmental sciences as well as reports, short announcements and information on results of research in environmentally oriented disciplines. Authors' contributions are accepted in Slovak, Czech or English language.

The author/authors bears/bear the full responsibility for the originality of their scientific work as well as its factual and formal correctness. Contributions to the journal are subject to review. The Editorial Board decides upon the acceptance of contributions based on the results of peer-review. The author/authors is/are informed about the acceptance of their contribution and its further editorial revision.

The Editorial Board accepts contributions throughout the year, however, the deadlines for processing the submitted contributions are March 31 and October 10 of the corresponding year. The payment (11.00 €/format page, including appendices) for publishing the submission has to be made after the submission has been accepted by the Editorial Board. The information on payment details is sent to the authors. The script must be sent in an electronic format to the addresses of the editors. Instructions for the script format as well as additional information on the Journal can be found on the website: http://fns.uniba.sk/actaenvi/.

Instructions for authors: 

Font: Times New Roman, size 12

Line spacing: 1

Alignment: justify

Page setup:

width 17 cm, height 24 cm, margins: top 1.5 cm, bottom 2 cm, left 2.5 cm, right 2 cm

Extent of contribution:

5-15 pages included abstract, attachments and list of literature 



Author(s): first and last name

Affiliation (full address(ess) of author(s) with e-mail(s))


Keywords (4-5 words)








all figures and tables are published in black and white version. Names of attachments are mentioned under the figures and above tables as: Tab. 1: Title, Fig. 1: Title.

Pictures and maps:

in high resolution and standard formats (jpg, tif, bmp, ... ). Scales for maps is necessary.


use single thin black borders without color filling of cells. 

Units: SI system


line up alphabetically and in language in which it was wrote. No caps are used for citations in the text (i.e.: ...Authors like Metal (2003) proposed... or Buzorius et al. (1999) observed...).


Buzorius G., Hämeri K., Pekkanen J., Kulmala M. 1999. Spatial variation of aerosol number concentration in Helsinki city. Atmos. Environ. 33, pp. 553-565.

Sukopp H., Henke H. 1998. Urban ecology as a basis for planning. Deutsches Nationalkomitee MAB, Vol. 30, 1998, pp. 139-157.