Faculty of Natural
Comenius University in Bratislava

Department of Geology of Mineral Deposits

Research focus

One of the main common scientific objectives of the Department is the research of mineral raw materials, their metallogenesis, and environmental impacts of their exploration. Mainly raw materials and deposit objects are examined, which are located in the Slovak Republic or Western Carpathians. Currently most attention is paid to the creation of genetic and deposit models of economically important accumulations of gold, and the research of the most-known non-metallic raw materials is in process (bentonites, magnesites, talk, perlites). Research is carried out using the latest knowledge, methodologies and analytic procedures, using national and foreign laboratories. In the future we will also focus on the issue of deposit accumulations of critical elements and the possibility of their occurrence in the area of the Western Carpathians. Over dozens of years a school of clay mineralogy was formed, applied in the research of clay materials (sorbents, barriers, filling materials, etc.), as well as in the interpretation of geologic processes (e.g. illite-smektite geothermometer, diagenetic history of basins, reconstruction of paleo-environments). Development of methodologies for the research of micro- and nano-minerals with the XRD method and transmission and scanning electron microscopy plays a significant role in the research. Assessment of the environmental risk of exploitation of raw materials and proposing remediation and recovery measures with the use of environmental raw materials is another scientific direction of the Department. We focus on the research of risk types of deposits with the production of potentially dangerous waste. Mineral waste can also become a source of raw materials, in particular critical ones. With traditional methods of deposits identification and assessment of the quality of raw materials, we develop the application of computer modelling and geo-information systems.