Faculty of Natural
Comenius University Bratislava

PhD. Study Programme

Physical Geography, Geoecology and Geoinformatics

For all official information of the Faculty see, please, the website on Doctoral studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences...

In brief for applicants 


Financial conditions for students also from outside of the European Union are for the first time (for the next academic year 2017/18) very accommodating – they are circulated on the website of our Faculty 


We have not accredited pure English study program, however foreign students can really do our program “Physical geography, Geoecology and Geoinformatics“ in English and write and defend the thesis in English.

All certificates (diploma etc.) are bilingual – Slovak and English.


Students obtain credits mainly for scientific work: publications, thesis, scientific grants, conferences, citations. The only obligatory courses are “Methods of scientific work” (in English for you) and “Professional English”, there are also further facultative courses (also in English).

Credits can be obtained also for teaching (in English, of course), supervising of bachelor's theses and their reviews.


A person interested in the PhD. programme applies for concrete theme of dissertation >> official overview on the website of our Faculty. Themes are defined by supervisors – lecturers and professors in relation with running scientific projects of the Department. 

Themes can be slightly changed during the study on the basis of agreement of student and supervisor; however relation with scientific projects is fundamental for the research founding.

During the first study year student develops detailed doctoral thesis/dissertation project. 

Admission interview

The applicant should contact the supervisor of selected theme and ask him for detailed description of the theme, relevant literature, etc.

During the admission interview the applicant should present understanding of the theme, knowledge and skilfulness important for solution of the problem, general qualification for scientific work. A presentation of results of master's thesis and publications (if any) are expected, too.

For more information feel free to contact the head of the Department, Professor Jozef Minár (jozef.minar"AT"uniba.sk)