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Launch of the Festive season 2019

6. 12. 2019: Our department was visited by Saint Nicholas. Of course, among the first ones to visit, he chose our hard-working students, chemists and biochemists, whose schedules this semester included laboratory periods on Fridays at 8:10.

Firstly, St. Nicholas was given a short presentation of Safety instruction for our labs. St. Nicholas also assured us that he had not come to propagate any political ideology and his resemblance with Carl Marx is a purely coincidental by-product of his true festive mission. After these unavoidable administrative formalities, we gladly let St. Nicholas teach the rest of Friday's labs.

The Festive season at the Department will continue with Wednesday, 11 December, with the traditional departmental Kapustnica party. All students of 1st and 2nd year, who are potentially inclined towards our Department, are cordially invited to our gathering in festive atmosphere after 16:00.

In the end, St. Nicholas was surprisingly knowledgeable about polarimetry. However, analyses of sugar content in samples of Christmas punches were arranged for the next year.

Dr. Monika Jerigová, the new Chairwoman of the Slovak Chemical Society

9.-13. 9. 2019: 71st Convention of Chemists in 2019 took place again in Tatras. And Dr. Monika Jerigová, a member of the Department of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, was elected for the term 2020-2022 the President of the Slovak Chemical Society. At the Convention, in a friendly discussion with Prof. Feringa, a Nobel laureate, they exchanged views on the future of Slovak science. 

Dušan Velič

Nobel laureate Ben Feringa meets the upcoming President of Slovak Chemical Society, Monika Jerigová, at the 71st Convention of Chemists.

71st Convention of Chemists at Vysoké Tatry

9.-13. 9. 2019: An invitation to the 71st Convention of Chemist was also accepted by the 2016 Nobel laureate for Chemisty, Professor Ben Feringa. Ben Feringa specialises in molecular nanotechnologies and at the Convention he presented a very interesting lecture titled Dynamic Molecular Systems - from switches to motors.

At the Convention, we saw Professor as a very friendly and open person, it was a great experience to be in his company and to talk to him even briefly. He also attended the Poster Section, which was an opportunity to meet with him and talk to him even for students and young scientists. We, from the Department of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, used the opportunity and made a memory in the form of a nice photo with young members of our research group.

Monika Jerigová

From left to right: Prof. Ben Feringa, Karina Kulpová, Tatiana Vojteková, Eva Noskovičová. Poster section at the 71. Convention of Chemists.

Lívia Rechtoríková: Periodic phenomena in chemical systems (Supervisor: Dr. Szabó)

Monika Gešvandtnerová: Computer simulations of important catalytic reactions (Supervisor: doc. Bučko)

Dávid Vrška: Influence of relativistic effects on atomic and molecular properties (Supervisor: prof. Kellö)

Tatiana Vojteková: Infrared Spectroscopy of Composite Materials based on poly-vinyl chloride and lignin (Supervisor: doc. Velič)

Katarína Rišková: Properties of molecules in excited electronic states (Supervisor: prof. Kellö)

Celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Department - photogallery