Výzva na podávanie žiadostí o postdoktorandské pobyty

Call for applications for postdoctoral positions
at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University

General Information:

Here advertised positions resulted from the succesful projects within the „Call for postdoctoral positions at the Comenius University 2021-2022“ by the rector of the   Comenius University in accordance with the Internal Directive VP UK 3/2020. Minimum guaranteed yearly income (brutto) is 20247 EUR, plus further benefits in the amount of 7128 EUR that includes social security and health insurance paid by the employer.  Positions are cofinanced by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the final salary may be higher depending on the availabilty of resources from individual grants of the supervisors.


There is no geographic limitation for these positions. Applicants must have a PhD (or equivalent) degree that was received less than three years prior to the expected starting date of the appointment. PhD holders from the Comenius University in Bratislava are not eligible.

Appointment Start Date:

Expected start date for the job was set to October 1st, 2021. Possible postponing should be individually negotiated by the supervisor.


Initial work contract will be signed for one year, with possible extension depending on the available resources and the recommendation by the supervisor. 

Required Documents:

Completed application should include

i) Cover letter including motivation

ii)  Independent recommendation letters (sent via e-mail directly by recommending persons to the supervisor) – at least one, maximum three.

iii)  Curriculum vitae (biographical sketch) that includes details on your education and training to date, Visa status (if applicable), your experimental/programming experience, a bibliography of any publications

iv) Proof of receiving of the PhD (or equivalent) degree (e. g. scan of the diploma)

Application deadline:

Applications should be sent via e-mail to supervisors before August 31, 2021.

Open positions:

Department of Analytical Chemistry

Project: Development of Advanced Two-Dimensional Chromatographic Systems for the Isolation of Carbohydrate Derivatives

Supervisor: Dr. Róbert Kubinec, robert.kubinecuniba.sk

Desired qualifications and competencies:

  • Experiences with chromatographic separations
  • Experiences with preparation and characterization of sorption materials
  • Knowledge of heat-diffusion processes
  • Advanced knowledge of 2D / 3D drawing and modeling software

Department of Inorganic Chemistry

Project: Coordination compounds of S,N-heteroaromatics with intramolecular charge-transfer for photodynamic therapy, multichannel nonlinear bioimaging and theranostic applications

Supervisor: Dr. Peter Hrobárik, peter.hrobarikuniba.sk

Desired qualifications and competencies:

  • PhD degree in chemistry
  • Well documented experience in microgram to multi-gram scale organic synthesis, with a particular focus on heteroaromatic compounds, and coordination chemistry
  • Experience with modern methods of chemical synthesis, including cross-coupling reactions and Schlenk techniques 
  • Experience in UV-vis photophysical characterizations and bio(in)organic chemistry
  • Teamwork

Department of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Project: Design and modelling of molecular photo-switches

Supervisor: Dr. Lukáš Félix Pašteka, lukas.pastekauniba.sk

Project: Studying the reactivity of contaminants in the environment with molecular simulations

Supervisor: prof. Ivan Černušák, ivan.cernusakuniba.sk

Desired qualifications and competencies:

  • PhD degree in Chemistry or Physics;
  • Good knowledge on disciplines of relevance for the post (e.g., quantum chemistry, theoretical chemistry, chemical physics);
  • Good knowledge in programming (Linux environment, Fortran) and modelling codes;
  • Good interpersonal skills and excellent written and verbal communication skills in English;

Department of Organic Chemistry

Project: Mechanochemical syntheses of biological and medicinally interesting compounds

Supervisor: prof. Radovan Šebesta, radovan.sebestauniba.sk

Desired qualifications and competencies:

  • Documented experience in organic synthesis
  • Ability to plan, execute, and analyze syntheses of multifunctional compounds, including isolation, purification and spectroscopic characterization of products. Experience with with catalysis, handling of organometallics and chiral compounds is highly welcome
  • Profesional knowledge of written and spoken English language

Laboratory for Advanced Materials  

Project: Synthesis of Inorganic Nanocrystals Using Colloidal Syntheses

Supervisor: Dr. Milan Sýkora (ERA Chair), sykoramuniba.sk

Desired qualifications and competencies:

  • PhD in Chemistry
  • Prior experience with colloidal synthesis (e.g., hot injection) of quantum confined nanocrystals
  • Experience with modern methods of chemical synthesis, including Schlenk techniques
  • Experience in using electron absorption, emission spectroscopies, TEM and other techniques used in characterizing properties of inorganic nanocrystalline materials
  • Professional knowledge of written and spoken English language
  • Strong publication record in the field of quantum confined nanocrystals

Department of Animal Physiology and Ethology

Project: Analysis of negative impacts of chronodisruptions on behavioral and physiological processes

Supervisor: prof. Michal Zeman, michal.zemanuniba.sk

Desired qualifications and competencies:

  • Experience with molecular biology techniques, with Multi-electrode array (MEA) electrophysiology or bioinformatics

Department of Botany

Project: Host-parasitic relationships within the pathosystem of wheat - powdery mildew and the identification and sequencing of genes responsible for resistance to powdery mildew.

Supervisor: assoc. prof. Miroslav Švec, misvec54gmail.com

Desired qualifications and competencies:

  • Knowledge and skills in DNA analysis (DNA extraction, PCR analysis), in the analysis of DNA sequence databases, in the bioinformatics processing of the obtained data are required.
  • Experience and knowledge of the ontogenesis of the pathogen and its multiplication are welcome