Výzva na podávanie žiadostí o postdoktorandské pobyty

Call for applications for postdoctoral positions
at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University

General Information:

Here advertised positions resulted from the succesful projects within the „Call for postdoctoral positions at the Comenius University 2022-2023“ by the rector of the   Comenius University in accordance with the Internal Directive VP UK 3/2020. Minimum guaranteed yearly income (brutto) is 20247 EUR, plus further benefits in the amount of 7128 EUR that includes social security and health insurance paid by the employer.  Positions are cofinanced by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the final salary may be higher depending on the availabilty of resources from individual grants of the supervisors.


There is no geographic limitation for these positions. Applicants must have a PhD. (or equivalent) degree that was received less than three years prior to the expected starting date of the appointment. PhD holders from the Comenius University in Bratislava are not eligible.

Appointment Start Date:

Expected start date for the job was set to October 1st, 2022. Possible postponing should be individually negotiated by the supervisor.


Initial work contract will be signed for one year, with possible extension depending on the available resources and the recommendation by the supervisor. 

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<output>Open positions:</output>


Required Documents:

Completed application should include

i) Cover letter including motivation

ii)  Independent recommendation letters (sent via e-mail directly by recommending persons to the supervisor) – at least one, maximum three.

iii)  Curriculum vitae (biographical sketch) that includes details on your education and training to date, Visa status (if applicable), your experimental/programming experience, a bibliography of any publications

iv) Proof of receiving of the PhD (or equivalent) degree (e. g. scan of the diploma)

Application deadline:

Applications should be sent via e-mail to supervisors before June 20, 2022.


Open positions:


Department of Environmental Ecology and Landscape Management

Project: Synergy Effect of Biological Control and Non-Thermal Plasma Treatment against Fusarium Head Blight in Winter Wheat

  • Fusarium head blight (FHB) is one of the most devastating disease of cereals caused by F. graminearum leading to huge economic losses. Deoxynivalenol (DON) a mycotoxin produced by F. graminearum is the  main problem in FHB. Biological control provides an alternative to reduction in FHB and DON contamination. Non-thermal plasma (NTP) treatment, a physical control method to disinfect seeds infected with pathogen is gaining attention. This research aims to combine the physical control i.e NTP and microbial biocontrol agents against FHB and test its effect on DON contamination. Additionally, the proposed research project is innovative because for the very first time the efficacy against FHB will be investigated by using combination of microbial control agents and NTP treatments.

Supervisor: dr. Božena Šerá, bozena.serauniba.sk

Desired qualifications and competences:

  • education in environmental science
  • experience in plant protection or in biocontrol
  • experience in advanced laboratory work
  • experience in environmental science
  • previous cooperation with the CU is taken as an advantage