What to see?

Bratislava Castle: is a landmark of the city of Bratislava. It features in the first written reference to the city, which appears in the Annals of Salzburg of 907, in association with a battle between Bavarians and Hungarians. The castle hill was populated as early as the late Stone Age; its first known inhabitants were the Celts, who founded a fortified settlement here called ‘Oppidum’.

Devín Castle: a national cultural monument, is located at the foot of a cliff above the confluence of the Danube and Morava Rivers. This strategically important site has been settled since the late Stone Age by a succession of groups, from the Celts to the Romans, the Goths to the Lombards, and many more.

Michael´s Gate: is one of the four Bratislava gates. The bulbous yet elegant copper roof of Michael's Gate is one of the symbols of Bratislava. The 51-metre tower has seven floors, and the superb view of the old town from the upper terrace of the tower is one of Bratislava's top visitor experiences.

Old Town Hall: The history of the Old Town Hall dates back to the beginnings of the mediaeval town in the 13th century. It was then that the original Romanesque house of Mayor Jakub became the property of the city. Over the course of time Unger's House and Pawer's House were annexed to it.

Slavín War Memorial: The gigantic Slavín war memorial is visible from much of the city. On a hill overlooking the castle, it commemorates the city's liberation by the Red Army in April 1945. It is also a cemetery for 6,845 Soviet soldiers who died during the battles for the city and the surrounding region that took place in the final weeks of World War II.

Slovak National Theatre: is Bratislava's opera house – known officially as the historical building of the Slovak National Theatre – was opened in 1886 as the City Theatre, according to the design of Viennese architects F. Fellner and H. Helmer.

St. Martin´s Cathedral: Bratislava's three-nave Gothic cathedral is built on the site of a previous, Romanesque church, dedicated to the Holy Saviour, from 1221. After 1291, when Bratislava was given the privileges of a town, the church was rebuilt to become part of the city walls (its tower served as a defensive bastion). The present church was consecrated in 1452.

The New Bridge - Nový most The New Bridge – also known as the SNP Bridge, after the Slovak National Uprising – is perhaps the city's most distinctive structure across the Danube river. Its designers, J. Lacko and A. Tesar, decided to suspend the steel deck of the bridge from a single pylon


Bratislava offers quite interesting events all year long. For example:

Cultural Summer and Castle Festivals Bratislava

Bratislava will be alive with culture in the summer. The streets of the Old Town will turn into venues of street theatre performances, folk concerts, or traditional crafts. You are also invited to the Cinema on the Square, and to many other events.

Coronation Festival: Coronation of Joseph I

A spectacular three-day celebration when the city comes alive with medieval atmosphere with kings and queens, the nobility, the royalty, troubadours and thousands of curious spectators. They held annually on the fourth weekend in June in memory of the coronation of the most important monarch Maria Theresa (25th June, 1741).

Days of ÚĽUV Masters

A festival of folk production and traditional crafts. More than 100 producers from different regions of Slovakia will demonstrate their craftsmanship.

Bratislava on Ice

Enjoy doing sports on Hviezdoslavovo námestie Square, directly in front of the historical building of the Slovak National Theatre. The ice skating ring is opened for public daily.

Christmas Market

Every year since 1993, between the end of November and December 23rd, a big Christmas market takes place in the very city center of Bratislava − on the Main square (Hlavné námestie).

Waves Bratislava

This Slovakia-unique event connects the concept of showcase music festival and conference in several clubs aimed to support the best from local and foreign music. Its aim is to offer music to broader public, music professionals, labels and media.



Wilsonic is an international music festival, held annually in Bratislava. The festival is a spectacular celebration of today’s forward-thinking music, connecting the best elements of music fused within the atmosphere of a concert, a club and a party. Wilsonic presents a wide variety of modern music which transcend categorization.


BACITYBEATS http://www.bacitybeats.sk/

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For more information visit: www.citylife.sk