Prírodovedecká fakultaUniverzita Komenského v Bratislave

Vol. 4-5 (1995)

Acta Environmentalica Universitatis Comenianae:

Vol. 4-5 (1995)



DRDOŠ, J., KOZOVÁ, M.: Carrying Capacity and Environmental Impact Assessment ... 7

ROBERTS, J.A.: Postscript. Concluding Remarks to the Seminar Carrying Capacity and Environmental Impact Assessment ... 11


ROBERTS, J.A.: Opportunities, Constraints, and Sensitivities: a Methodology for Assessment of Carrying Capacity in Environmental Impact Assessment ... 17

LIME, D.W.: Principles of Carrying Capacity for Parks and Outdoor Recreation Areas ... 21

SCHOOLMASTER, A.F.: Methodological Issues in Using Survey Research Techniques to Estimate Sociological Carrying Capacity ... 31

DRDOŠ, J., JANÍK, M.: Slovak National Parks: Carrying Capacity, Spatial Projection of Nature Protection, Management Plans ... 39

RUŽIČKOVÁ, J.: Ecological Network of Slovakia at Different Levels ... 49

RUŽIČKA, M.: The Relationship between Carrying Capacity and Ecological Stability of the Landscape ... 55

MOCIKOVÁ, I.: Methodology of the Carrying Capacity Evaluation of Hydrogeological Structures ... 61

IZAKOVIČOVÁ, Z.: Types of Limits on Ecological Carrying Capacity ... 67

HRNČIAROVÁ, T.: Evaluation of the Ski-Trails According to Landscape - Ecological Limits for Purposes of Environmental Impact Assessment ... 75

ŠTEFFEK, J., MÚDRY, P., NOVÁKOVÁ, K.: The Methodology and Criteria for the Selection of the Areas to be Included into the Slovak National Ecological Network ... 81

KMINIAK, M.: The Criteria Selected for Water Habitats Classification ... 89

KALIVODOVÁ, E.: The Importance of Artificial Water Surfaces for Waterfowl Diversity and Landscape Stability ... 93

BEDRNA, Z., DLAPA, P.: Environmental Properties of the Soil ... 99

MIČIAN, Ľ.: Landscape Ecology and Geoecology - The Theoretical-Methodological Basis for Carrying Capacity, Ecological Network and Other Supports for Environmental Management ... 105


ROBERTS, J.A.: History and Current Status of Environmental Impact Assessment in the United States of America ... 113

ROBERTS, J.A.: The Basic Steps in the United States of America Environmental Impact Assessment Process ... 117

HAMMETT, J.F.: Decision Making and the Environmental Impact Assessment Process ... 145

KOZOVÁ, M., DRDOŠ, J.: Environmental Impact Assessment in the Slovak Republic. Legislative Context, Methodology and Steps in the Process ... 153

VRBENSKÝ, R., KOLOČÁNY, F.: Environmental Impact Assessment in the Slovak Republic with Particular Focus on the Position of the Ministry of Environment in this Process ... 171

PAVLIČKOVÁ, K., BIANCHI, G., ROSOVÁ, V.: Public Participation in the Environmental Impact Assessment Process in the Slovak Republic ... 177

BIANCHI, G., ROSOVÁ, V.: Public Participation under Environmental Impact Assessment in the Slovak Republic - Case Experience ... 183

KOZOVÁ, M., SPÁČILOVÁ, R.: Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and a Proposal for its Application in the Environmental Assessment of the Drinking Water Policy for the East - Slovakian Region ... 187

ŠEMBERA, I., ŠEMBERA, T., KLUVÁNKOVÁ, T.: Multi - Objective Decision Making under EIA Presented on the Highway Study ... 193

KLUVÁNKOVÁ, T.: Soil Lability Presented on the Highway Case Study under Environmental Impact Assessment ... 197


HRNČIAROVÁ, T.: Ecological Priorities and Ecological Significance of the Landscape in Slovakia ... 203

MINÁR, J., TREMBOŠ, P.: The Evaluation of Natural Hazards in Landscape Planning ... 211

PAUDITŠOVÁ, E.: The Expert Evaluation Method in the Evaluation of Suburban Recreation Projects - Case Study ... 223


DOBSON, J.E.: GIS and Remote Sensing for Carrying Capacity and Sustainability Studies ... 231

JOHNSTON, R.A.: The Evaluation of Transportation and Land Use Plans Using Linked Economic and GIS Models ... 239

BÁNSKA, H., VAVRINEC, B.: Methodological Application of the Landscape Structure Modelling on the Base of GIS - Subsystem Settlement in the Evaluation of Carrying Capacity ... 249

KUSENDOVÁ, D.: Creation of Environmental Maps in GIS Context - on the Basis of Complex Geomorphological Research ... 255

HOFIERKA, J., TREMBOŠ, P.: Geographic Information System in Environmental Research: Some Aspects of Utilization ... 261

HOFIERKA, J., ZLOCHOVÁ, J.: Digital Terrain Modelling and Applications within a GIS Environment ... 269

ŠEMBERA, T.: The Vulnerability Map of Groundwaters in Zvolenská Kotlina Basin ... 277

ZLOCHA, M., ZLOCHOVÁ, J.: Application of Morphometric Analysis in Environmental Pollution Modeling: Šobov Hydrothermal Deposit, Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia ... 281