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Vol. 1 (1993) Special issue

Acta Environmentalica Universitatis Comenianae:

Vol. 1 (1993) Special Issue



Approaches to the Teaching and Learning of Environmental Studies: An Interdisciplinary Approach - Summary of the workshop ... 5

PERRY, B.I.: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Environmental Studies ... 7 

GYULAI, I.: Environmental Education at István Scéchényi College ... 17

NOWAKOWSKI, A., JASINSKI, P.: Environmental Studies at the Technical University of Gdansk ... 23

KONRÁD, V.: The Approaches and Forms of Study at Faculty of Ecology of Technical University in Zvolen, Slovak Republic ... 31

RUŽIČKA, M.: Practical Seminar Study in Teaching of Ecology ... 37

KOZOVÁ, M., PAVLIČKOVÁ, K.: An Interdisciplinarity as Applied to Environmental Science at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava ... 43

TREMBOŠ, P., MACHOVÁ, Z., VAJLÍKOVÁ, G.: The Preparation of Specialists in Geoecology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University Bratislava ... 47

LAUKO, V., SEKO, L., TOLMÁČI, L.: Environmental Education of Geography Teacher Applicants during their Field-works ... 51

MIČIAN, Ľ.: The Landscape Ecology - the Integration of the Geographical and Ecological Approach in the Research of Landscape Environment ... 55

DRDOŠ, J.: Synthesis in Geo-Ecology ... 59

RUŽIČKA, M.: Environmental Planning and Management ... 63

KOZOVÁ, M., PAVLIČKOVÁ, K.: Conception of Territorial Systems of Landscape Ecological Stability (Ecological Infrastructure) ... 67

BRTEK, Ľ.: Possibilities of Using Ecological Knowledge in the Landscape Management. The Restoration of Populations of Small Terrestrial Mammals after the 1965 Flood in the Danubian Inundation ... 71

KOZOVÁ, M.: Environmental Impact Assessment Process - Present State of its Methodology, Legislation, Implementation and Education under Condition of the Slovak Republic ... 75

BELČÁKOVÁ, I.: Environmental Impact Assessment - Public Participation ... 79

BÁNSKA, H.: Geographical Information Systems ... 83

List of Participants