Faculty of Natural
Comenius University Bratislava

Activities and events

Your representatives of ŠČ AS PriF UK regularly bring you various social, community and other events, which try to liven up life at the faculty, bring various interesting lectures, or help in various projects to those who need it.

On this page you will find all current information regarding all upcoming events that we are preparing for you.


Due to the current epidemiological situation, all our plans for upcoming events must be suspended. We hope that when everything returns to normal, we will return and with full energy and you will continue to be supportive of our activities. :)

For now, see you on INSTAGRAM.


Regular events

FNS party

If you want to have fun in the club with your classmates or meet a larger number of students from other departments of the faculty or even the senators themselves, then this event is just for you.

You can find photos from the event here.



Christmas Cabbage

Every December, during the St. Nicholas period, we have fun and we fill your and our stomachs at the faculty with home-made cabbage and non-alcoholic punch. ;)

You can also find photos from the here.

Sports day

Every year we also prepare a real SPORTS DAY FNS UK, where you can compete in teams but also in individual sports such as streetball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, ping-pong or running.

You can also find photos from the event tu.

"The Drop of Blood"

If you've never donated blood because you were scared, didn't know where to go, or just didn't have time, that's it. You will no longer be able to have any excuses, because even at our faculty in cooperation with the National Transfusion Service, it is possible to donate blood for those who need it most during "The Drop of Blood" event. If you are lucky, you will also get something in return from our sponsors. :)

It is usually accompanied by anthropometric measurements by our students or employees.



Matriculations of FMPI and FNS students

In cooperation with FMPI, matriculations are also organized every year, which is mainly dedicated to freshmen who are thus officially fit to be recruited to the guild of university students. But most of all, it is an evening full of a great program, soaked musicians and your friends from FNS and FMPI.

Follow the current information directly from the official Facebook page.