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Instructions for authors 2024

Instructions for authors

SSC FNS CU (Student Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Comenius University in Bratislava) is designed for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students with a scientific background, within the specified thematic areas (without the scientific-academic degree of PhD., e.g. the presenting author may not be awarded the degree of PhD.). Conferences can also be actively attended by high school and grammar school students.

The REGISTRATION for SSC FNS CU 2024 #SVK2024 will be opened 26th of February 2024 until 22ndof March2024.

The presenting (first) author can participate in SSC FNS CU with a maximum of two contributions. The paper presented at SSC FNS CU deals with the researched topic at the level of an original scientific investigation with a representative selection of scientific literature, with appropriately selected scientific procedures, verifiable hypotheses and is processed in the form of a scientific article (see Paper Template). A compilation of scientific literature is not allowed as a contribution to SSC FNS CU!

Please, find the information about the conference fees HERE.



The submission of contributions to #ŠVK2024 is possible exclusively through the website of SSC FNS CU PAPER SUBMISSION

THE SYSTEM FOR SUBMITTING AUTHORS CONTRIBUTIONS FOR #ŠVK2024 ON THE WEBSITE http://svkprifuk.fns.uniba.sk/ WILL BE OPEN FROM  26th OF February 2024 to 22ndof March2024


Contributions to the SSC proceedings will be accepted in Slovak, Czech or English. The paper must be written in MS Word and formatted according to the required template. The file with the paper must be saved under the name of the presenting author in the form LastName_FirstName.docx (without diacritics) in the maximum total size up to 5 MB

Paper template for SSC FNS CU 2024

Proceedings SSC 2020

The scope of the paper (together with tables, figures and appendices) is a minimum of 3 and a MAXIMUM OF 6 PAGES. Papers that do not meet the formal requirements (scope of the paper, formatting of the text according to the template, citation of literature) will not be subject to review and will be returned to the author (will not be included in the proceedings or in the conference program)! Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Only the papers that have been reviewed and included in the proceedings can be presented at the SSC FNS CU. The SSC FNS CU participant can choose the form of presentation of his/her paper, either a presentation or a poster. Template for Conference submissions in English is available for download here.

Important Note: Use the current templates for 2024. The specified format of the article (fonts, font sizes, line spacing, page margin settings, order of individual sections, etc.) must be preserved as is specified in the template. Tables must be created directly in MS Word, not copied from MS Excel. Graphs must be inserted into the text as images in .png/.jpg. format (Insert special...), not as editable MS Excel objects. Insert images in the appropriate

resolution. Failure to comply with the formal requirements may be the reason for non-acceptance.

The Presentation section

Presentation: 10 minutes + 5 minute discussion. 

The Poster section

Authors presenting their contribution in the form of a poster, please bring a printed A1 841 x 594 mm in vertical orientation. After registration, you will have enough time to place your poster in the reserved place.