Career opportunities

Career for graduates of the study programme Biological Chemistry

The Bachelor study programme Biological Chemistry is able to competently perform work of a technical nature with some degree of autonomy. Graduates have a good theoretical and practical knowledge of fundamental biological and chemical disciplines, including the basics of physics, mathematics, bioinformatics and biostatistics. Graduates are able to use selected methods of biological and chemical disciplines enabling them to work with devices and biological materials in basic and applied research and manufacturing practices. Graduates can apply conventional biological and chemical methods in their laboratory research. A Bachelor has the knowledge and skills in research methods at different levels of organization of living systems. Graduates can apply for a position at a wide range of departments within the Slovak Academy of Sciences, universities, health sector, agriculture and forestry, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and environment. The international character of the programme in combination with English as the main language of instruction qualifies the graduate for employment in a multinational environment. Graduates may also continue in their master studies at Comenius University or abroad.