Faculty of Natural
Comenius University Bratislava

SSC 2021 Program

Day of the conference: Wednesday April 21st 2021


Opening ceremony #eŠVK 2021
prof. JUDr. Marek Števček, PhD., rector CU in Bratislava
prof. RNDr. Peter Fedor, PhD., dean FNS CU in Bratislava
online: MS Teams - STREAM



Plenary lecture
online: MS Teams - STREAM

Are we done with the periodic table?
RNDr. Lukáš Félix Pašteka, PhD., Department of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry


Presentations of contributions in sections
online - MS Teams conference rooms

Biology - rooms (BIOLOGY 1, BIOLOGY 2)
Chemistry - rooms (CHEMISTRY 1, CHEMISTRY 2)
Environmental sciences - room (ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES)
Geography - room (GEOGRAPHY)
Geology - room (GEOLOGY)
Didactics - room (DIDACTICS IN SCIENCE)

Poster section
online: will be available from Monday (April 19th 2021) until the end of #eŠVK2021 in MS Teams SSC's channel named POSTER. It is possible to add comments and discuss the results with the authors under each poster. You can also give a "like" to your favorite until 14:00 of the last day of #eŠVK2021 (one hour before the closing ceremony begins) and the poster with the most votes/likes will be titled the Best Public Awarded Poster.


Closing ceremony #eŠVK 2021 (closing remarks and winners' announcements)

online: MS Teams - room AULA

In memory and honor of prof. RNDr. Milan Hutta, CSc.

After the opening ceremony and speeches by the Rector of Comenius University and the Dean of FNS CU, a remembrance lecture in memory and honor of our colleague, an excellent scientist and pedagogue, and unique person 

prof. RNDr. Milan Hutta, CSc.,

presented by doc. Masár a doc. Halko from the Department of Analytical Chemistry, FNS CU at 10:00 in the room CHEMISTRY 1.

In memory and honor of prof. RNDr. Milan Hutta, CSc.