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Erasmus+ (for incoming foreign Students)

The Faculty of Natural Sciences currently offers bachelor, master and PhD. programmes, together with several specialized courses in further education.  

The BSc (bakalár) programme of 3 years is the lowest undergraduate degree. This programme ends with the Final State Examination, after which the graduate is awarded the degree of “Bakalár (Bc.)” which is equivalent to a degree in Bachelor of Science. Successful BSc. graduates can then apply to continue in the appropriate Mgr. programme at Comenius University or at other universities in Slovakia or abroad. The majority of students take this Mgr. (magister) programme which has a  nominal span of 2 years. Mgr study at the Faculty is available in the 5 major branches of Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geography and Cartography, and Geology. Each major subject runs with several possible specializations.  

Bachelor Study Programmes in English

List of Bachelor Study Programmes [B.Sc.]

Master Study Programmes [M.Sc.]

The Mgr programme leads to a Final State Examination which includes the defence of the Mgr thesis. Successful graduates are awarded the degree of ”Magister (Mgr.)” which is equivalent to the degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.).  

List of Master Study Programmes [M.Sc.]

When the Master’s  degree is completed, students wishing  to continue their studies to the Doctoral level then embark on a PhD course. The Doctor of Philosophy diploma is one of the highest academic awards in Slovakia. Most university lecturers and almost all heads of departments and faculties have obtained this qualification. This degree is often described as a doctorate or as doctoral research. Today, the PhD is an esteemed degree to which many international postgraduates aspire. It is awarded to scholars for the creation and interpretation of knowledge which extends the forefront of a discipline. This necessitates original research and the Doctorate degree in Comenius University is only awarded to scholars upon their submission of a research thesis resulting from significant industrious work in their respective subject.

For detailed information, please contact the department or PhD. Programme Administrator Mgr. Iveta Bencová iveta.bencovauniba.sk

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