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Department of mineralogy and petrology

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Scientific research activities of department of mineralogy and crystallography studies the mineral paragenesis of rock-forming minerals, mineralogical prospecting of economically important minerals and study crystal structures of minerals.

The research activities of Department of petrology is focused on the study of lithology and petrotectonics of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.

The applied research activity of the department is focused on the study of mineralization in the crystalline basement of the Western Carpathians, new and unconventional types of minerals, addressing issues related to environmental protection.




Head of Department: prof. RNDr. Marián Putiš, DrSc.  

(room G-326, tel: +421 (02) 60296 609, e-mail: putis(at)fns.uniba.sk)

Deputy Head of Department: Mgr. Daniel Ozdín, PhD. 

(room G-324, tel: +421 (02) 60296 366, e-mail: ozdin(at)fns.uniba.sk )

Clerk of Department: RNDr. Peter Ružička, PhD.  

(room G-320, tel: +421 (02) 60296 356, e-mail: ruzicka(at)fns.uniba.sk)

Secretary: Judita Melicherčíková

(room G-327, tel: +421 (02) 60296 355, e-mail: mineralogia(at)fns.uniba.sk)


Mineralogy Teachers:

prof. RNDr. Pavel Uher, CSc. 

(room G-318, tel: +421 (02) 60296 295, e-mail: puher(at)fns.uniba.sk)

doc. RNDr. Monika Huraiová, PhD.

(room G-322, tel: +421 (02) 60296 365, e-mail: huraiova(at)fns.uniba.sk)

doc. Mgr. Peter Bačík, PhD.

(room G-348, tel: +421 (02) 60296 294, e-mail: bacikp(at)fns.uniba.sk)


Petrology teachers:

prof. RNDr. Marián Putiš, DrSc.

(room G-326, tel: +421 (02) 60296 609, e-mail: putis(at)fns.uniba.sk)

doc. Mgr. Martin Ondrejka, PhD.

(room G-317, tel: +421 (02) 60296 296, e-mail: mondrejka(at)fns.uniba.sk)

Mgr. Katarína Šarinová, PhD.  

(room G-320, tel: +421 (02) 60296 356, e-mail: sarinova(at)fns.uniba.sk)

RNDr. Peter Ružička, PhD.  

(room G-320, tel: +421 (02) 60296 356, e-mail: ruzicka(at)fns.uniba.sk)                                          

Science workers:

Mgr. Daniel Ozdín, PhD. 

(room G-324, tel: +421 (02) 60296 366, e-mail: ozdin(at)fns.uniba.sk)

RNDr. Jana Fridrichová, PhD.

(room G-348, tel: +421 (02) 60296 294, e-mail: fridrichova(at)fns.uniba.sk)


Technical workers:

Peter Sečkár

(room G-008, tel: +421 (02) 60296 731)


PhD students:

Mgr. Vladimír Bilohuščin

(room G-313, e-mail: bilohuscinv(at)fns.uniba.sk)     

Mgr. Peter Cibula

(room G-316, e-mail: cibula(at)fns.uniba.sk)

Mgr. Štěpán Chládek

(room G-321, e-mail: chladek(at)fns.uniba.sk)

Mgr. Tomáš Sobocký

(room G-316, e-mail: sobocky1(at)uniba.sk)

Mgr. Ondrej Nemec

(room G-328, e-mail: nemec(at)fns.uniba.sk)

Mgr. Michaela Gajdošová

(room G-328, e-mail: gajdosova86(at)uniba.sk)     


Professor emeritus:

prof. RNDr. Anna Vozárová, DrSc.

(room G-329, tel: +421 (02) 60296 606, e-mail: vozarova(at)fns.uniba.sk)

prof. RNDr. Martin Chovan, PhD.

(room G-315, tel: +421 (02) 60296 298, e-mail: chovan(at)fns.uniba.sk, chovanmmm(at)gmail.com)

Prof. RNDr. Dušan Hovorka, DrSc.

(room: G-317, tel: +421 (02) 60296 296, e-mail: dusan.hovorka(at)gmail.com)


Email: kmpfns.uniba.sk

Department Web: www.kmap.sk