Faculty of Natural
Comenius University Bratislava

Department of Anthropology



The department has been dedicated to the study of different fields of anthropology as well as human genetics and ecology. The studies have been focused on genetic and environmental aspects of variability, and the ethno-genesis of human population. The other works have been studying the impact of urban and industrial environment factors on population health condition and physical development of children as well as environmental factors influencing the biological age of children and adults. An interaction of specific factors has been studied in an adult population to indentify biomarkers, such as somatic, genetic, socio-economic and emotional that allows quantifying aging. These specific biomarkers together with environmental factors can improve the quality of natural aging of men and women. At the historical population the environmental effects are analyzed by examinations of changes in bone tissues – analysis of trace elements in bone and tooth tissue, monitoring of specific markers of physical stress, changes in the prevalence of infectious, cancer and other diseases during past years in our country. In forensic anthropology we are dealing with personal and portrait identification, determination of biological age, methods of reconstructions of the facial skull and biomechanical analysis.