Faculty of Natural
Comenius University in Bratislava

Mgr. Chemistry (Master Study Programme)


Biochemistry\Advanced practical course in biochemistry and cell biology.rtf

Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry\Advanced Practicals in Inorganic Chemistry.rtf

Inorganic Chemistry\Basics of Structural Crystallography.rtf

Inorganic Chemistry\Chemistry of Non-transition Elements.rtf

Inorganic Chemistry\Coordination Chemistry and Streochemistry.rtf

Inorganic Chemistry\Magnetic Properties of Inorganic Compounds.rtf

Inorganic Chemistry\Material Chemistry.rtf

Inorganic Chemistry\Selected topics on transition metal chemistry.rtf

Inorganic Chemistry\Structural chemistry.rtf

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry\Asymmetric catalysis.rtf

Organic Chemistry\Materials organic chemistry.rtf

Organic Chemistry\Seminar on diploma thesis in organic chemistry.rtf

Organic Chemistry\Supramolecular chemistry.rtf

Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Physical and Theoretical Chemistry\Experimental Methods in Physical Chemistry.rtf

Physical and Theoretical Chemistry\Modern Methods of Chemical Kinetics.rtf