Faculty of Natural
Comenius University Bratislava

Department of Hydrogeology


Hydrogeology deals with:

origin, occurrence, movement, regime, physical properties and chemical composition of groundwater in its geological environment. Hydrogeology studies the interrelation between surface and groundwater, ways of optimal and rational utilization and protection of all kinds of groundwater sources – fresh, mineral and geothermal. Other fields of study in hydrogeology are also dewatering of mining works and foundation pits, and investigation, monitoring and remediation of dumping sites pollution and environmental burdens. Hydrogeology is related to other sciences like mathematics, physics, chemistry, microbiology, geography and geology. Knowledge of these sciences is indispensable for a full understanding of hydrogeology.

Possibilities to use hydrogeological knowledge:

  • solution of hydrogeological tasks connected to:
  • water engineering: task of water-supply for domestic, industrial and irrigation use
  • hydraulic engineering: design and investigation for water works
  • civil engineering:  dewatering of foundation pits, stabilization of landslides
  • drainage engineering: drainage of lowland areas, dewatering of mines
  • environmental engineering: conservation of natural environment, environmental impact assessment
  • power production: investigation and rational utilization of geothermal sources
  • health and recreation: investigation of mineral and geothermal water sources for spas, aqua  parks, wellness and leisure amenities 
  • proposals of  buildings location and foundation,
  • urban and ecological planning.


  • in private geological, engineering geological, hydrogeological and building companies,
  • in state administration and municipalities,
  • in research and educational institutions.

Department of Hydrogeology offers education in the field of Hydrogeology and Environmental geology in relation to geology, surface water hydrology, chemistry and microbiology and to meteorology. The research activities of the department are oriented on methods of groundwater investigation. Methods of monitoring of quantitative and qualitative properties of groundwater, modelling and prognosis of its spatial and temporal development are utilized. The actual research projects are oriented on drought research, modelling of heat transfer in connection to heat islands under the cities, research of geothermal resources of Slovakia and research of karst water chemical composition.

 Educational activities

Study of hydrogeology has a more than 60-years long tradition. Department of Hydrogeology takes part in education of obligatory and voluntary subjects in study field 4.1.23 GEOLOGY in the Bachelor degree in two study programs: GEOLOGY and GEOLOGYS IN LAND USE, and in the Master degree in study program ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND HYDROGEOLOGY. The hydrogeological subjects are studied at parity with the engineering geological subjects in the PhD. study program 4.1.26 ENGINEERING GEOLOGY.