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Comenius University Bratislava

Ammara NAWAZ

Publications - selection

- publications (in EPČ UK)

Nawaz, A., Khattak, N.N., Khan, M.S., Nangyal, H., Sabri, S., Shakir, M., 2020. Deficiency of vitamin B12 and its relation with neurological disorders: a critical review. Journal of Basic and Applied Zoology [elektronický dokument]. - Roč. 81 (2020), s. [1-9], Art. No. 10 [online. alis.uniba.sk/lib/item 

Nawaz, A., Molnárová, M., Liščáková, P., 2021. Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals Contaminated Waters Using Green Microalgae as Biosorbent. Proceedings of the International Forum on Climate Change and Sustainable Development: New Challenges of the Century [elektronický dokument]. - : 1. vyd. ISBN 978-617-7421-81-7. - Mykolaiv : Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, 2021. - S. 58-58 [online]. alis.uniba.sk/lib/item

Nawaz, A., Molnárová, M., 2021. Algal Species as Biocontrol Agents Against Plant Pathogens. Plant productivity and food safety: Soil science, Microbiology, Agricultural Genetics and Food quality. - : 1. vyd. Turoň : Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika, 2021. - S. 45-45. alis.uniba.sk/lib/item

Projects - actual

(a list of current projects in which the student participates):

VEGA 1/0332/18 Toxické účinky ťažkých kovov na fotosyntetizujúce organizmy a biotu v environmentálne znečistenom prostredí [Toxic effects of heavy metals to photosynthetic organisms and biota in the environmentally polluted localities] (solver)


Teaching in Bachelor Study: 

Global Environmental Problems (study program Environmental Studies; 1st year, No. of credits: 4, winter semester, compulsory subject)

Renewable Energy Sources (study program Environmental Studies; 3rd year, No. of credits: 3, winter semester, compulsory subject)

Ekotoxikológia pre environmentalistov -  practical exercices (study program Environmentalistika; 3rd year, No. of credits: 4, winter semester, compulsory subject)

Research and their application

As part of my PhD. studies, I focus on studying the effects of selected metals (Cd and Cu) on freshwater algae with a primary focus on their reciprocal effects on these organisms. I study the phytotoxicity of individual metals as well as metals in their reciprocal combination at the physiological (coenobia growth, cell size change) as well as biochemical level (photosynthetic pigments, parameters of oxidative stress, accumulation of selected metals, etc.). Through my research I will try to clarify the further use of algae in the framework of bioremediation techniques.