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Slovak language course for foreign bachelor's students - beginners

Slovak language course for foreign doctoral students - beginners

For individual students

11.-15.09.2017 - "Green Summer School" in Stuttgart. For people who want to transform their green ideas into business (submission by 30 June 2017). 

FRANCOPHONIE - For French language speakers

- AUF (L’Agence universitaire de la Francophonie en Europe centrale et orientale) - study in French in Central and Eastern Europe 



Information for students of

Global Environmental Problems and Renewable Energy Sources:

- Moodle environment for 2018/2019 where login ("Username") and password is the same as for the AIS system. Write your Username  and click the "Continue" button ("Pokračovať"), then you will be redirected to the AIS login page. Login and continue to the Moodle environment. If you have any problem with Moodle, write to molnarovafns.uniba.sk



- virtual/online conferences

Requirements for Bachelor's thesis preparation

- some text is only in Slovak language

Pokyny pre záverečné práce na Prif UK v Bratislave

Academic works are prove in compliance with Internal Regulation No. 7/2018 - Comenius University - Directive by the Rector in Bratislava (Vnútorný predpis č. 7/2018) (excerpts).

- access to THESES (in the column on the right side "PRÍSTUP DO THESES - ZÍSKANIE PROTOKOLU")

- Higher Education Act No. 131/2002 Coll. (Zákon o vysokých školách č. 131/2002 Z.z.)

- template of Cover and Title Sheet


!!!! The title of the Bachelor Thesis (cover, title sheet) must be IDENTICAL to the title in Thesis Assignment (Zadanie záverečnej práce) (including punctuation and spacing)!!!!! There must be no dot after the thesis title.


The following materials is necessary to submit by 31.05.2018 to dr. Molnárová (B2-419):

3 copies of the Bachelor Thesis in leather binding (one copy goes to the reviewer, one copy to the Faculty Library after succesful defence, and the third copy goes to the departmental Library)

2x Licence Agreement with CRT page (Slovak Republic)

2x Licence Agreement with CU page (Comenius University in Bratislava)

2x Licenčná zmluva uzatváraná so Slovenskou republikou a

2x Licenčná zmluva uzatváraná s Univerzitou Komenského,

These are printed from AIS system and signed by students (Declaration - if it is included, Thesis Assignment, Zadanie záverečnej práce, all Licences), supervisor (Thesis Assignment, Zadanie záverečnej práce) and Head of Department (Thesis Assignment, Zadanie záverečnej práce).

The supervisor will print and sign the Confirmation of originality from the AIS and THESES (only the first page in both documents must be signed in blue at the bottom on these pages). In their written Opinion the supervisor mentioned these data of originality, too


- zloženie štátnicových komisií