Faculty of Natural
Comenius University Bratislava

Laboratory of Thermal Analysis

Assoc. Prof. Milan Drábik

The primary research interest is oriented towards MDF materials – compositions based on cement and a choice of water-soluble polymers that represent a challenge on the edge of cement and ceramics. Selected aspects and specific compositions are studied also in cooperation with cement plants in Slovakia. The methods of thermal analysis and IR spectroscopy enable us to detect the cross-linking of atoms originally appearing in cement or polymer. Already these types of results point to the key role of chemical and mechanochemical processes during the formation of MDF materials (that why some authors, including us, place these materials within the group of chemically bonded ceramics). One of the newest examples of our results has been presented at the 45th World Chemistry Congress of IUPAC (August 2015, Busan, South Korea).

 Internal collaboration (Departmental): experimental research themes, where methods of thermal analysis are a useful tool.

External collaboration: Ceramics Department of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry SASci, Cement Plant Ladce, Ltd., Prof. Bob Slade Chemistry at University Surrey UK.

Proposed themes of thesis (Bc., Mgr.):

Contribution of thermal analysis towards the development and characterisation of new materials.

Composites, chemically bonded ceramics and mechanochemistry.