Faculty of Natural
Comenius University Bratislava

Laboratory of Photoactive Materials

Prof. RNDr. Gustav Plesch, DrSc.

Mgr. Olivier Monfort, PhD.

Mgr. Martin Motola, PhD.

MS. Guru Karthikeyan


The Laboratory of Photoactive Materials (LPM) is consists of Prof. Gustav Plesch, Dr. Olivier Monfort and Dr. Martin Motola. The main research directions of the LPM is to prepare and characterize innovative materials for environmental applications, especially photo-induced processes for water treatments and air cleaning, but also for the generation of hydrogen by water splitting and the disinfection of surfaces.

What is a photoactive material?

It is a solid compound which can be activated by an incident radiation (IR, visible or UV). This activation gives rise to photo-induced chemical reactions. A popular application of photoactive materials is photocatalysis which can be used, for instance, to degrade aqueous organic pollutants.

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