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Bachelor Studies

Basic information

The BSc (bakalár) programme of 3 years is the undergraduate degree. This programme ends with the Final State Examination, after which the graduate is awarded the degree of "Bakalár" (Bc.) which is equivalent to a degree in Bachelor of Science. Successful BSc. graduates can then apply to continue in the appropriate Mgr. programme at Comenius University or at other universities in Slovakia or abroad. The majority of students take this Mgr. (magister) programme which has a nominal span of 2 years (see page about Master studies).

In the academic year 2024/25, we offer for those who are interested in studying with us: 2 bachelor study programs in the English language and 16 bachelor study programs in the Slovak language.

List of Bachelor Study Programmes [B.Sc.]

Bachelor Study in English

Admission process


Dear incoming students, we are pleased to welcome you to the Comenius University in Bratislava, the oldest and largest of all universities in Slovakia. The Faculty of Natural Sciences is a top scientific educational institution with extensive pedagogical and research focus. The faculty offers degrees in programmes such as Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Geography, Environmental Sciences and Natural Sciences Teaching.

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