Faculty of Natural
Comenius University Bratislava

Journal of Acta Environmentalica U.C. (Bratislava)

Acta Environmentalica Universitatis Comenianae (Bratislava)

Scientific Reviewed Journal 

ISSN: 1335-0285 (1993-2015) 

ISSN: 1339-9802 (online, 2016-present)

The scientific reviewed journal is multidisciplinary oriented publishing original scientific works of basic and applied research in the field of environmental sciences.

Since 2016 the Journal is published online by publishers de Gruyter

Abbreviation of journal title:

Acta Envir. Univ. Comenianae (Bratislava)

Recommended form of citation:

Name. Title of paper. Acta Envir. Univ. Comenianae (Bratislava), 2012, 20(1): XX-XX.