2023/12/07 Prednáška prof. Kyriaki Papantoniou

Bird’s Brain? Relationships between behavior, hormones, and brain plasticity

  •   prof. Kyriaki Papantoniou, MD., Medical University of Vienna
  • 📅  07.12.2023 (štvrtok)
  • 🕑  15:00 hod.
  • 🏠  Prírodovedecká fakulta UK, miestnosť B1/320

My main research interests are circadian and sleep epidemiology and specifically circadian disruption as a potential environmental and occupational cause of cancer. I have evaluated the association between night shift work and risk for common tumors such as breast and prostate cancer in a large multi-case-control study in Spain (MCC-Spain). I also have a strong interest in the underlying biological mechanisms involved in carcinogenesis and have described hormonal changes that occur after night work and might explain part of the increased cancer risk among night shift workers. I found that daily hormonal rhythms of melatonin and a wide range of sex steroid biomarkers are disrupted in real-life night workers. I am also interested in individual characteristics such as diurnal preference or chronotype that may modify shift work tolerance and thus the effects of night work on disease risk. My current research focuses on the effects of light-at-night and circadian disruption on gastrointestinal tumors and other chronic disease outcomes, e.g obesity. I will also be involved in the evaluation of new hypotheses related to the cross-generational effects of shift work and circadian disruption before and during pregnancy on child health.