Trialect soliciting applications for Canon Short-Term Fellowships (12 weeks) to Physicians and Biomedical Scientists from Europe.

Around 221 European Fellows were sponsored in the last few years. European Fellows come from some 27 countries (including Turkey and Balkan states). Canon Fellows from Europe are free to choose their host institutes and hosts in Japan. The financial support for Research Fellows can be up to € 2.300 per month.

The deadline is September 15, 2017.

The details can be perused at : Canon Short-Term Fellowships

Post-doctoral Research Associate in “Gut circadian clocks and mucin biology”

  • The University of Manchester, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell-Matrix Research
  • 2 years, in the first instance, with the possibility for a third year of funding
  • Closing date, 01/07/2017

 In this project, we aim to use molecular cell biology, mouse genetics (CRISPR), organoid culture and RNAseq to define how the molecular circadian clock controls goblet cell function and mucin biology, including the homeostasis of mucobiome and the defence against infections. This project builds on expertise and close collaborations between the labs of Qing-Jun Meng (chronobiology), David Thornton (mucin biology), Richard Grencis (infection and immunity).

This post is one of four pilot projects under the new research initiative in fibrosis of The Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell-Matrix Research (WTCCMR), supported by generous funds from the Wellcome Trust, and building on the collaborative culture and excellence in training and technology development in the Centre. The WTCCMR brings together the world’s largest team of Primary Investigators studying cell-matrix interactions. Research is divided into three complementary themes, inspired by groundbreaking discoveries in the field: ‘ImmunoMatrix’ (synergy between matrix and the immune system); ‘MechanoMatrix’ (the biomechanical role of matrix); and ‘ChronoMatrix’ (circadian rhythm and matrix regulation).

Enquiries: Prof. Qing-Jun Meng (qing-jun.meng( at )

More information: PDF


Štipendium od Nemeckej spolkovej nadácie pre životné prostredie

Informácie k stretnutiu
  • Si šikovný študent alebo absolvent VŠ (akéhokoľvek odboru), ktorý sa zaujíma o ekológiu/environmentalistiku? 
  • Chceš absolvovať 6 – 12 mesačnú odbornú stáž v Nemecku zameranú na akúkoľvek environmentálnu tému? Chceš zvýšiť svoje šance na dobré zamestnanie v odbore? 
  • Ukončil si štúdium na VŠ pred menej ako 3 rokmi? 
  • Ovládaš anglický jazyk, príp. aj základy nemeckého jazyka?
Informačný seminár k štipendiu od DBU
Kedy14.3.207 o 14,00 hod
Prírodovedecká fakulta UK v Bratislave, miestnosť CPS+ (pavilón B1), 
Ilkovičova 6, Mlynská dolina 

Všetci záujemcovia sú vítaní, vstup je voľný. 


IST Scholar PhD program

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) is inviting highly qualified bachelor’s or master’s students to apply for the ISTScholar PhD program. We offer fully-funded PhD positions in mathematics, physics, computer science, data science, biology, and neuroscience in a world-class research environment on the outskirts of Vienna. 

The application deadline is January 8th 2017, and we are hosting a Student Open Day next Friday, November 25th (register at).

Download our 2017 PhD open call flyer here or PDF



Early Stage Researcher in the FOIE GRAS EU Training Network

Trojročné pracovné pozície pre absolventov magisterského štúdia v Poľsku, Francúzsku, Portugalsku, Taliansku a Nemecku v rámci Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions EU Horizon 2020.

Deadline na podanie žiadostí: 28.1.2017

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PhD Student / Postdoc Position

Mechanical coupling between microtubules and actin filaments mediated by molecular motors.

Microtubules and actin filaments interdependently constitute an intracellular filament scaffold termed the cytoskeleton. Protein interactions with microtubules and actin filaments are however often treated separately, as if belonging to isolated systems. Theaim of this project is to bring these two systems together by  investigatingdirect mechanical coupling between the actin filaments and microtubules.

Project: The project will be focused on the reconstitution and quantitative characterization of the force coupling between microtubules and actin filaments mediated by molecular motors of the myosin and kinesin families. The individual molecular motors will be expressed as recombinant proteins, combined with cytoskeletal filaments in vitro and the emergent system will be investigated using a combination of advanced biophysical experimental techniques such as single molecule fluorescence microscopy and optical tweezers.

Information in PDF

Contact: For more information please contact Zdeněk Lánský